Working with Temporary Employees


When your company needs people, there are times when you might need to reach out to temporary employees. This might be because of constraints when it comes to budget or you only need them as consultants. No matter what the reason, having a temporary worker can be a bit of a burden. Here’s how you can ensure that your new employee integrates properly into your workforce:

Hire as if They Were Permanent

Whether you’re looking for a recycling company consultant or even an additional hand in the warehouse, the first thing you should remember is that you should hire temp workers like they are going to be permanent employees. This is pretty much because if you don’t treat them with a high standard, you won’t be getting the same sort of employee.

Besides ensuring employee quality, it will also give you the chance to bring them on as permanent workers if they impress you enough. Give them the same amount of training as your standard worker but be careful to not over-train them if you are only hiring them temporarily. This ensures you don’t have a wasted investment.

Check if They Fit with Your Corporate Culture

Even if they are working with you for a short time, you don’t want to be uncomfortable working with them. This is more important since they are temporary. You want them to be as productive as possible to get the most out of their time with you. Culture clashes will only be big distractions, so ensure that they can slot into your company like they were old friends. Plus, if you do make them permanent employees, this makes it more accessible.

Consider Virtual Employees

Freelancer working while drinking coffee

For some jobs, you don’t need them present at your company. This is a significant advantage for you since you don’t need to set up a workstation for them and the like. For example, you need a consultant to look over your projects and give their input. Why bring them into the office at all? Just have all the relevant files e-mailed to them and have an open line of communication, either via Skype or any other video call program. This might even be something that they would like since it gives them a flexible schedule and eliminates their commute.

Time It Right

When you’re hiring workers and you are in a seasonal industry, you should start working with staffing agencies before the peak times. For example, energy companies often need skilled people during summertime. This is because of the increased demand for energy. Multiple companies will be looking for the same people during the same period will result in someone not getting the people they need. Plan when to hire so that you won’t miss out.

The critical thing to remember here is that every person you might employ has the chance of becoming an asset to your company. The tips can help you will get the right people and treat them right. Considering there is a chance that the temps you hire might transition into becoming permanent members of your company, doing it right is to your benefit.

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