Five Unexpected Signs of Arthritis


Most young people brush off arthritis with the misconception that it affects only the elderly. In reality, arthritis can strike anyone, regardless of age. Research reveals that close to seven percent of adults in the country between the ages of 18 and 43 have arthritis. Physicians explain the most common cause of arthritis to be a trauma to a joint. Unfortunately, the number of people getting diagnosed with arthritis is on the rise.

Knowing the early signs of arthritis is crucial because it aids in minimizing joint deformities and lessening the effects of the disease. Usually, you might experience aching joints and weakness often. But persistent chronic and abnormal pain should not be ignored. Arthritis is a struggle; therefore, you should take preventative measures and make sure that you visit a physician in Clive, Iowa as soon as you realize any of these warning signs:

Joint pain

You need to consult a physician if you have been experiencing joint pain. The physician will want to know if the joint pain is gradual, has developed suddenly, or has been persistent. The physician will also inquire from you if the joint pain goes away when resting or gets worse during physical activity. Joint pain, whether slight or not, should not be overlooked.

Prolonged morning stiffness

You might need to visit a physician for examination if it takes you a long time to loosen up in the morning. Joint stiffness is an early sign of arthritis. If you find it stressful or take long to loosen up after a period of inactivity, such as sitting for a long time, chances are that you are developing arthritis. You should not experience discomfort and a loss of or decreased range of motion in a joint.


Man overworked experiencing fatigue in his office desk

This can be due to an array of things. However, if your physician has ruled out several factors, it could be arthritis. Loss of appetite, chronic tiredness, and persistent weight loss for weeks are early signs of arthritis. You need to talk to a physician if you have noticed these signs. Early diagnosis means early treatment, which is vital in curbing the effects of arthritis.

Swelling in joints

An inflammation related to arthritis is an early warning that you should visit a physician. You will notice redness around the joint. Arthritic joints become swollen sometimes. The swelling is a result of increased fluid in the joint produced by your body in response to the discomfort and arthritis in the joint. As arthritis gets worse, the apparent swelling becomes related to bone spurs.


The initial stages of arthritis are characterized by fever. Unfortunately, fever is also associated with several other medical conditions, which explains why some people ignore this sign. If you experience fever alongside joint tenderness and stiffness, you need to consult a physician as soon as possible.

If you experience one or more of these signs, it is wise to visit a physician for diagnosis and treatment. Besides, it is imperative that you diagnose arthritis without the help and examination of a physician. Physicians recommend using pain relief, joint injections, oral medications, or weight loss based on the stage of arthritis.

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