Why People Are Switching to DIY Funeral Services


Expenses can be unforgiving even in death. The cost of dying can be so costly these days that people are now entertaining the idea of having a DIY funeral service. Instead of hiring professionals to manage the funeral, some people are now opting for a DIY alternative. Some choose to do everything on their own. It includes transporting the body of the person who passed away up until lowering it down into their final resting place. Although not everyone is comfortable with it, the idea of doing everything on their own is becoming a trend. People who want to get more involved with the funeral choose this route instead of hiring a professional.

The basics of DIY funeral planning

The total cost of the entire funeral often depends on the fees that third-party services charge. Additionally, optional extras will also add up to the price. If the person died in a hospice or a hospital, they’d temporarily keep the body for a certain amount of time.

These facilities often charge for a medical certificate that describes the person’s cause of death. But if your loved one died at home, then you should call an ambulance or a doctor so that you can get the medical certificate. You should also register the death at a registry office so that you can make further funeral arrangements. You need to take a signed medical certificate with you so that you can register it and confirm that the person is already deceased. Once it’s done, you can now pick either a shroud or a coffin for the body. You can visit the cemetery or crematorium in Bountiful and ask the management about the personal items that you can place together with the remains if you’re opting for a shroud.

You should also choose someone who’ll lead the ceremony. Consider the deceased person’s advice for choosing the person who’ll lead the ceremony. If there’s none, then you can ask for an independent funeral celebrant or choose someone personally instead. Meanwhile, if you think that a ceremony isn’t needed, then you can always choose a direct cremation. But to do that, you need to have the means to transport the body. That’s why it’s highly advisable to arrange a carrier to the crematorium for more accessible transportation.

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The importance of hiring a funeral director

It’s difficult to think straight when you’re grieving. When you’re in a situation you haven’t been in before, you tend to space out, making you unable to focus on handling everything for the funeral service. Even setting up the burial is difficult. It’s the same reason why people choose to hire funeral directors. They want someone to help them manage everything, especially the planning process.

If you think that you’re able to accomplish everything, then choosing the DIY route is the right choice. But if you want someone to plan everything for you, then it’s best to hire a funeral planner instead. Doing so will help you with the entire funeral service as you try to recover from your loss.

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