Dental X-Ray for Kids: What You Need to Know


Regular dental visits are required for maintaining good oral health. These are especially crucial for children, whose teeth are still developing. To monitor the growth of your kids’ teeth, you need to bring them to a dental clinic for regular checkups. This will help reveal potential oral problems sooner so that you can have them addressed before they could cause bigger problems, such as cavities or even tooth loss.

A children’s dentist in Herriman, Utah may recommend dental X-ray as part of comprehensive oral care for your kids. Some parents, however, are wary about this. Here are the common questions that parents raise regarding this procedure.

How Often Should It Be Done?

Every child is unique and the need for X-ray procedure varies from one kid to another. X-ray films are taken after reviewing the child’s dental and medical history and after conducting a clinical examination or when the films will be needed to produce information that visual examination cannot provide.

Children actually need more dental X-rays than adults. Their mouths are still growing, and the changes are rapid. Children are also more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.
For kids with high risks of tooth decay and carries, most dentists recommend X-ray examinations every six months for early detection of cavities that may be developing in between the teeth.

On the other hand, kids with low risk of tooth decay need to undergo the procedure only when necessary.

Is It Necessary Even With No History of Cavity?

Dental X-rays can detect more than just cavities. They can help dentists see potential issues with erupting teeth, evaluate the results of an injury, diagnose oral or bone diseases, and plan an orthodontic procedure.

Dentists can examine the patient using X-ray films to diagnose and treat problems, which are not seen during a clinical exam. With early detection and treatment, dental care becomes more affordable for parents, and more comfortable for children.

Is It a Regular Requirement?

Dental X-rays are not a routine requirement for regular dental checkups. They are only recommended by the dentist when necessary for monitoring and evaluating a child’s oral health. The frequency of the need for X-ray relies on the child’s needs. If changing dentists, ask previous dentists to provide copies of the film to the new dentist to lessen radiation exposure.

Is It Safe?

dentist showing a dental xray to a child
A pediatric dentist is specifically careful in minimizing exposure of children having dental X-rays. Modern safeguards ensure that the amount of radiation is a far smaller risk compared to letting dental problems go undetected and untreated.

What Are the Safeguards to Protect Against X-Ray Radiation?

During X-ray examination, there are lead body aprons and shields used to protect the child. More recent equipment filters out unnecessary rays and restricts the beams on the specific area where they are needed. These, along with digital X-ray and high-speed film, assure that the kid is protected against radiation during the examination.

Dental X-rays are a necessary part of childhood dental care. Pediatric dentists only recommend having this procedure for specific reasons, and there are various ways to safeguard patients against radiation. You can rest assured that your kids are safe and that X-ray is needed as part of their overall oral health care.

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