Why It’s Time to Change Your Open Office Layout


One of the key goals of creating an open office space is to promote collaboration among employees and managers. But there are times when team members hardly get to focus on their tasks, more so collaborate with their colleagues.

A recent study has shown that working in open spaces does not have as much effect when it comes to collaboration. The noise around actually causes people to put on their headphones and tune out. There is also the issue on the lack of privacy, which drives other employees to work from home instead every time they can. Some also feel as if they are in a fishbowl.

It is not working

Several employees have experienced what it is like to work in an open space setting. Aside from countless distractions, they also must deal with their colleagues every day.

Meanwhile, others feel differently about the barrierree space. They say that distractions are only a small price to pay. That is in comparison to more excellent communication and collaboration efforts.

According to them, working in an open space work environment allows them to innovate together. However, a study made by Hao researchers in 2018 believes otherwise. They made a study analyzing the effects of open space on staff collaboration.

The research showed that people tend to work hard to avoid distraction because they feel like they have an audience all the time. Thus, making them think that they must look busy. Because of this, they become less productive, which results in a decrease in their quality of work.

Meanwhile, a study made at the Queensland University of Technology showed that 90% of employees working in an open space plan experience high levels of stress and blood pressure. The study also found out that working in public spaces took at least 62% more sick days. The results were in comparison to those who work in single-person workspaces.

It is a practical alternative

team collaborating in their station

Although it is almost impossible to go back to your office’s old design and style, it is still possible to find a practical corner office fit-out for your Sydney workspace.

Having a room for each group is a great way to create a space where only a certain number of people can collaborate. In that way, teams can stay focused and work all the time productively.

Having small rooms meant for each team can also decrease chances of being exposed to noise distractions. Studies show that noise is the leading complaint from employees who are working in open spaces. People tend to feel less satisfied with their work area. That’s because of all the noise and other distractions that surround them, stopping them from being productive and efficient during work hours.

For those who are already feeling the effects of open spaces, there are still ways to turn the tide. You can try to speak with everyone and see if there is a way that you can create space. Also, show respect to each other by making fewer distractions, too.

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