Why is Everyone Installing Vinyl Fences?


Vinyl fences have become a popular choice for many homeowners. Wood may still be popular, but vinyl is rapidly closing the gap between these two fence options.

For many years, wood had been touted as the best option for cost-efficiency and aesthetics, but its high rate of luster deterioration had been a problem. Even wrought iron and other options have their fair share of issues that vinyl solves. Plus it offers many other benefits for homeowners:

Vinyl is Suitable for Kids and Pets

If you have kids and pets and want to install a good fence around your home in Tampa, a vinyl fence may be the ideal solution. Manufactured from non-toxic components, this fence is safe for kids. You do not want to install a chemically treated type as kids and pets may touch it. And even if the scorching sun shines on the vinyl fence every day, the fence won’t release toxic fumes.

A vinyl fence offers adequate protection from intruders and keeps children in the yard without exposing them to safety hazards. Also, with this kind of fence, parents or guardians do not have to worry about injuries caused by splinters of a wood or glass fence.

The Fence is Long-lasting

Nobody wants to do repairs every too often. While vinyl is prone to storm damage just like any other material, it has a higher capability to withstand the forces of nature than other options. Flexibility is its secret. Instead of snapping or cracking under the force of the storm, vinyl just bends a bit. Even if a falling log hits it, the fence is less likely to break than wood.

Vinyl Fence is Solidly Constructed

Fence Construction

Perfect construction is the hallmark of the vinyl fence. Today, you will find cellular vinyl, a material that is designed to stand the test of time. Its qualities match those of high-quality lumber, allowing you to add virtually any detail you wish.

Remember that unlike wood, vinyl is maintenance-free. Most of the other fencing options only get their final color from the paint. Over time, flaking of paint occurs, making the fence look unsightly. On the other hand, with vinyl fence, coloring takes place throughout the manufacturing process, so there’s no chance of paint flaking all through the years.

Home Resale Value

Vinyl fencing seems too expensive at first, but you need to look at the long-term effect, too. The value it offers to the property is incomparable to what you get from metal or wood fence. Potential property buyers are looking at the effect of weather and usage factors on a fence before buying. They are likely to pay more for a house with vinyl fencing. After all, no one wants to have an annual budget for fence maintenance or painting, while one can just use a quality vinyl fence for a lifetime.

The building sector and consumers are moving towards low-maintenance solutions. If the product can beat the test of time, then it adds real value to the owner. Vinyl is one of those products that have attained the mark of excellence, no matter the perspective you use.

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