Proposing at Home: Three Ideas to Make It Extra Special


Nothing could be more intimate than popping the question at your own home. Sure, it’s a spectacular sight to have hundreds of flash mob dancers performing to the beat of your favorite song, but there’s something about the familiarity of the home that just makes at-home proposals effortlessly special.

If you’re planning to take this route when proposing, here are some ideas in making this relationship milestone so memorable.

1. Prepare a Nice Meal

A proposal is never complete without good food. Fill up the tummy while filling up the love tanks, as they say. It’s best if you can cook a dish yourself. Your partner will appreciate this special date all the more when you take the extra time and effort for prep. If you really can’t though, because of crazy work demands and schedules, you can order meals from a good restaurant, ideally your partner’s favorite.

If you could remember the exact food you got at your very first date, that could bring so many memories that would make your night extra special. This could also be the jump-off point for your speech, telling your partner how you felt at that first meeting, what made you attracted to them, and when you felt that they’re the one, eventually.

As you prepare your food though, plan for the reveal of the ring. You know for sure the classic restaurant proposal trick where the ring is hidden in the meal. If you want to do the same gimmick, remember the rule: don’t conceal it far inside food. A cute, little cupcake with a ring “topping” would do. If you’re not sure about the right ring size yet, consult jewelers in Salt Lake City.

2. Set the Mood

Man proposing to her girlfriendJust because you’re at home doesn’t mean you don’t get to experience that perfect romantic ambience. Be intentional in creating the atmosphere. That starts with picking the right spot for your date. A lot of people pick their outdoor area, say, the patio, roof deck or garden so they could set up the romantic space. Some go for the classic type of arrangement, a table and two chairs. They set the intimate mood though with candles on the table, fairy lights strewn across the yard, soothing music playing at the background, and of course, the rose petals.

Others go for the outdoor-cinema-type of setup, laying out a picnic mat and a white screen with LCD projector. The opposite of the romantic mood also works: the laid-back, just-chill atmosphere. Have a romantic movie marathon night. No big deal. None too fancy. The catch is, at the 5-minute mark of the Titanic, it will transition to a video montage of your relationship history, a trip down memory lane. Once it’s over, get down on your knees, pop the ring, and pop the question.

3. Get Help From Your “Babies”

If you’re a pet parent yourself, include your dog in the proposal. There are lots of ways to do this. For sure, you know the classic: tie a note of “will you marry me?” on your dog’s collar and yell out to your partner to check out the new tag you just bought. By the time they open the rolled-up note, you should already be on your knees with the ring.

Another way to include your furry friend is to set up a scavenger hunt where your partner would have to guide your dog. Along with the fun treats, you leave sweet notes as well. In the end, the “treasure” is the ring.

The at-home proposal is the way to go if you’re the private type of couple. If you’re taking this route, make it extra special with these ideas.

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