What are the benefits of attending a regular appointment at your local clinic?


It is considered common knowledge within the field of dentistry that a check-up, (suggested by dental healthcare professionals to take place twice a year) is vital in the maintenance of dental health, however many individuals may refrain from attending their regular appointment.

Reasons for missing your visit to the dentist in Harley Street

Many individuals may either postpone (or even miss entirely) their biannual dental appointment, however this may be for a wide array of reasons, one of which may be due to a dental phobia. Dental anxiety is in fact extremely common within the field of modern dentistry and is experienced by individuals of all ages, it can be triggered by negative childhood experiences which are carried into adulthood.

How to deal with your nerves.

If you are feeling anxious regarding your scheduled dental check-up it may be a good idea to contact your local clinic and inform them of your concerns. Many dental clinics within the world of modern dentistry now offer their patients an introductory and reassuring phone call prior to their visit.

Many patients have hectic lives which may cause them to reschedule their check-up

Within modern society many patients have extremely chaotic work and social lives which may understandably lead them to place their dental appointment at the bottom of their priority list. In addition to convenience however, many patients may refrain from their dental visit due to financial concerns.

Many patients may be concerned about the cost of their biannual appointment

For individuals under the age of eighteen or who are enrolled within full time education they can receive free or reduced cost dental care under the NHS, however for adults they will have to pay a small fee for their treatments. Despite National Health Service appointments being considerably less expensive than private health care, many patients may still refrain from a visit to their clinic.

A lack of understanding of the importance of a biannual check-up

Many patients may simply be unaware of the true importance of a regular visit to the clinic, which is also extremely common. If you are considering missing your scheduled appointment it may be a good idea to do some research and find out why this appointment is so vital!

Preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections

During a dental check-up patients can expect to be questioned regarding any changes in their medication and their lifestyle habits, however they will also always receive an oral examination. During this dental assessment a dental healthcare professional will assess each tooth whilst looking for signs of decay or fragmentation, as well as symptoms of oral diseases and infections such as gum disease, for example.

What to expect from a dental check-up

Closeup of a set of teeth at the dentist

Despite an oral examination being considered as standard procedure within a dental appointment, there are many other procedures that are typically carried out. Many individuals (especially for those who are anxious within a dental environment) may feel more comfortable knowing exactly what to expect. This can be found out by contacting your dental practice.

What happens next?

After your oral examination is complete your dental healthcare professional may also decide to run through some X-rays of the mouth, for things such as oral cancer screenings (for example). Oral cancer screenings can be vital in spotting signs of mouth cancer early and therefore issuing a treatment plan in this case would be top of the agenda.

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