How can I get straighter teeth?


Having teeth that are misaligned, wonky, or that push on one another, can be painful, disruptive, and cause issues with your bite and your confidence. Straighter teeth are naturally healthier teeth, and having a treatment to correct your teeth positioning could be the way forward. Seeing an orthodontist about your options is the perfect place to start.

One of the options they could offer you might be Incognito braces in Weybridge to help resolve your issue.

What are Incognito™ braces?

As demand for more natural looking ways to align teeth increases, people are looking to alternative methods for teeth straightening other than the traditional ‘train track’ style of braces. Thankfully, the Incognito™ braces offer a solution to this. They are an invisible solution because the braces are actually fitted behind the teeth, meaning nobody will be able to actually see that you are wearing them.

The braces are prescribed with complete accuracy to your mouth, and are the only 100% customisable option for invisible fixed orthodontic treatment available to the U.K. market.

How does the treatment work?

Dental Braces

The appliance works through a bracket system, featuring custom-made archwires, brackets, and bonding trays, meaning the results are targeted, and after the treatment your teeth will be straight. As the system is completely customised to fit your teeth, you can have complete confidence smiling and socialising as normal while you wear them. They are also perfectly safe and stable whilst eating and drinking, unlike the many other options for braces or orthodontic treatments that are available.

The Incognito™ treatment offers exceptional results due to the fact the system uses 3D imaging technology in order to determine a completely accurate and polished finish to the treatment, and the results can be predicted with high accuracy.

Why use Incognito™ over traditional ‘train-track’ braces or other options?

As this system is placed at the back of the teeth as opposed to the front, they are invisible, meaning that nobody can actually see that you are wearing braces. If you compare this to the traditional ‘train track’ method, with a strip of metal wire across the front of your teeth, the look is far more sleek, professional, and discreet, meaning that you can go about your day with far more confidence when socialising. The ‘train track’ options can also be difficult to maintain and clean, and can also sometimes cause difficulty when it comes to eating certain foods. Sometimes food can become trapped in the braces, which can cause a lot of issues with confidence, particularly in a social setting like a school or a workplace.

Is the treatment right for me?

The Incognito™ method is also suitable for all ages, as the treatment is completely individualised. The comfort this provides with regards to confidence in the final results and  overall confidence throughout the treatment means that this option really is head-and-shoulders above the more traditional methods.

Getting orthodontic treatment is the most typical method for straightening teeth. If you’re considering your options, seeking advice from your oral hygienist or orthodontist can help you to decide what options will work best to suit your needs.

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