Why Suburban Living is Attracting More People


The suburbs are considered as one of the best places to start a new home. House and land property rates are at all-time lows, and the area has been marked for further development by the government. Aside from that, the current stay at home guidelines has made it more attractive to many people, as it offers more space than houses in the city.

Access to Everything

But you should consider the area and its location. It should be at the heart of nearly everything. It should be just a few minutes away from the CBD — cutting your travel time and saving on fuel. Universities, hospitals, shops, and diners are all accessible. It wouldn’t be surprising to find people walking to the market instead of driving — as everything you need is practically within walking distance. If you prefer not to walk, public transportation is readily available — with buses regularly servicing the region and a tram line under development. The area’s proximity to more urban centers doesn’t diminish its small-town feel. The area might be booming, but it has none of the sprawl that affects big cities. You can still enjoy quiet and peaceful days if you choose.

A Vibrant Culture

Many countries these days are melting pots of culture, and when choosing a new place in the suburbs, consider if the area provides a variety of cultural experiences within reach. Residents from various countries make suburban culture richer and more diverse. Food enthusiasts can savor food from every corner of the world as almost every place is represented in the suburbs. Cuisines from Japan, Mexico, Greece, Thailand, Korea, and many others — stand side-by-side as well as many other places. Music lovers can visit various pubs and experience the music of different cultures. Instead of clashing, the various cultures promote an environment of acceptance — making suburbia not a homogenized place, but a place where people of different cultures share experiences.

Safety and Security


Consider places where there is little to no crime. Some countries like Australia have lowered their crime rates — and the rates are even lower in the suburbs. Reported crimes usually involve acts of petty burglary, and incidents of violence are extremely rare. Of course, you should still keep your doors locked — but merely knowing somebody’s in the house will usually deter criminals.

More in the Works

Aside from current developments in the area, check for new developments that seek to better the lives of its residents. Some governments aim to develop the suburbs while controlling the rate of urbanization. While more places for shops and commercial buildings are planned, limits on 2-storey and 4-storey structures are in place. Historic sites are to be preserved, and there are plans for more evolving open spaces and wide green streets.

The suburbs are one of the best places to plant your roots — and their charm continues to grow, as more families are considering moving to larger homes with green spaces amidst the pandemic. It has all the benefits of living in a big city, but it still maintains the trappings and feels of a small town.

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