Unique Ways to Socialize While Traveling


Solo traveling is great, but part of the joys of traveling is getting to meet new people. Some people may not be interested in that sort of thing, but others find socializing with others as the best part of the trip. If you are new to traveling and don’t really know how to do this, then this might be a bit overwhelming.   Luckily, these options can help you meet new people in unique ways:


Nowadays there are a lot of different apps that help you meet up with people. In fact, studies by Pew Research Centre show that 3 percent of Americans actually use dating apps and something similar. Although a lot of them are for dating, it has also expanded to allow you to meet people platonically. Instead of looking for dates, you can also use these apps to search for friends. What’s great about these apps is that they adjust their algorithm depending on your location, so they can be used when you’re traveling to different countries.

You can also look into apps that are specifically made for gathering communities, such as Meetup. It’s basically an app that lets you search for groups with similar interests as you. Instead of individual people, you join groups and communities of hobbies that you like. From there, you can interact and plan events with the members of the group. You can also look into local Facebook groups that serve the same function.

What’s great about meetups is that you can find the best location to do the activities you want while socializing at the same time. This is perfect if you are in a new country or city that is totally unfamiliar to you. They can even have group promos to certain activities sometimes.


Matchmaking Services

If unconventional ways are what we’re looking at, then a professional matchmaking service is definitely worth a try. It may seem a bit out there for some, but there are actually a lot of people who give this a try because they don’t want the uncertainty of dating apps. You can have the chance to meet unique people, and a lot of those that use these are working professionals themselves.

Even if you’re not looking for anything long-term, this can be one way to meet new acquaintances from the area. You may find that the experience in itself can be quite fun. It lets you meet someone with supposedly similar or compatible traits and likes as you, and you get to attend networking events that most people don’t get to go to.


A common practice for travelers who want to save on their trip is couchsurfing. Some people couchsurf at a friend or acquaintance’s house. However, if you don’t have anyone you know in that country, then you can go online and ask them. There is even an app for searching through people willing to couchsurf.

One way to ensure your safety when doing this is by going to legitimate apps and asking around in communities. They will often have reviews from people who have stayed there before. Make sure you look through them thoroughly so that you know what you are getting into. Similarly, communities and groups are there to help you identify red flags. Some may be good on paper but actually have questionable practices that might be dangerous.

Couchsurfing comes with a lot of convenience and perks. Some hosts will even pick you up at the airport and lend you vehicles for your trip. There are those that accept multiple people at one time, so it is another way to meet other travelers and locals. They will also help you find the best spots and places to visit while you are there. Getting a local’s perspective will make your travel all the better.

Social Media Groups

Another option that you can choose is to go through local social media groups. Some may be restricted to just the residents of that area, but a lot of others are open to foreigners and travelers who want to ask. Reddit is actually a good option for this. It has groups for every country, and anyone can join. You can post your concerns and questions, and locals in the group will give their input.

If you are into adventure activities like hiking, there are local communities that let you join their group tours and outings. You can even pay as a group to get a discount on the packages. It’s really fun because you get to hang out, meet new people, and discover new areas. This is especially good if you want to avoid the usual tourist traps and crowded areas.

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