Manly Hobbies: Lost Hobbies Men Picked Up During the Pandemic


The pandemic has caused a lot of mental health problems that people are looking for outlets that can help them forget the situation. Vaccines may be rolling out but that doesn’t mean that the doubt and general unease will just go away easily.

The United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are well aware of this and have made resources available to help people. A good piece of advice came in the form of encouraging people to take up hobbies. These are things like getting quilt kits to create works of art from stitching or other similar activities — anything to keep people’s minds off the current situation with the pandemic.

With numerous experts saying that revisiting hobbies is a worthwhile distraction, here are a few ones that men could appreciate. It should also help them remember a hobby they used to do back when they were younger as well.

Come Back to Music

As far as therapy goes, music does it for some people. There are those that can survive a whole day as long as they have their favorite group or favorite singer’s music in the background. For some people, they’d rather play their favorite group’s music themselves as a pastime.

If you’re one of those people but didn’t have the time to learn how to play an instrument before, now’s your chance. The pandemic isn’t going away any time soon as will the rules in place; the extra time spent at home is the perfect time for you to take on a new pastime.

It might be that you need to brush off your skills in music. This should help you reconnect with an old hobby gone dormant. It’s all in the name of easing the stress bought about by the pandemic.

playing piano

Art is Therapeutic for People

Some people find it therapeutic to revisit the sports they used to do in their childhood or perhaps some time ago, but for some, it’s creating art that does it for them. There are different art forms that people can explore based on what they think their expertise is.

Some people find something calming in origami, the Japanese art of paper manipulation. There are others who would rather paint, as each brushstroke and the long hours spent in the painting could be a meditation for them. It’s all just what people think they’re good at — or what they think they want to learn anew with all the time they have.

Sewing and Stitching for Meditation

Speaking of therapeutic, the time spent sewing and stitching is one such art form men could pursue. Stitching nowadays can be a hobby anyone can do. There are men who find it rather relaxing and it’s an easy hobby to get into for those who haven’t pursued any passion.

With all the chaos happening right now, there’s a lot that people could do to ease their doubts and fears. This hobby is one such thing, and it’s even become a source of income for quite a few people.

Pen Doodling and Other Pursuits

There might have been a couple or more times when you were caught doodling in class and have been reprimanded for it. It’s a hobby and a pursuit if you managed to work on it. It can even be therapeutic; why it might’ve been therapeutic enough for you to tolerate your professor’s monotone droning.

For some people, doodling might not be the only pursuit they’ve dropped because of life. Some may have written fan fiction before. Others may have preferred to build models of tanks, ships, or even robots from anime.

These are good pastimes to return to during the pandemic. They are also a good way for men to take their minds off of a great many things that bring them anxiety.

The Right Time to Pick Up a Hobby

If there ever was a good time to start a hobby, it’s right now, when the pandemic has forced the government to implement lockdowns. It’s a good way to also steer your mind away from potentially destructive ideas and focus on what’s really important: bringing back activities that give you joy.

Write a story, like the old times. Dust off your guitar and make some music again or try your hand at stitching or creating artwork. It’s the perfect time to be like a kid again in the face of uncertainty.

If you’re still feeling a bit lost amid all the news, turn off the TV and try out any of these hobbies. It doesn’t matter whether you know a thing or two from this list or not — the important thing is that you try to have fun in the process.

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