Six Business Ideas for Men Who Love Cars


Although many women love cars, there’s just something about the relationship between automobiles and men. Usually bored with details, men are different when it comes to cars. They can notice the tiniest dent. They change their minds about the color they want. Men take care of their cars like they take care of their kids. They bring their cars to the mechanic and bodywork shops. Imagine if you can turn this passion into a business. Most men think about starting a car shop when they start to consider venturing into business. For them, starting a car business is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, not everyone can start a car dealership. The amount of money it takes to start a car dealership is not for everyone’s consideration. Don’t fret because there are many other types of businesses in this industry that you can start. Here are the business ideas you can ponder on if you love cars. Some of them are expensive to start while others are not. The point is that if you believe you will be happier turning your car hobby into a business, then these ideas are for you.


With millions of cars on the road, the market for tire-fitting business is huge. To make your business different from all the other tire-fitting businesses, make sure to offer roadside assistance for those who will encounter problems on the road. You could assist for free if the drivers bought a tire from you, or you can charge a fee if they are not your regular customer. Make sure you keep an eye on your service phone as that will ring nonstop.

Car Repair Body Shop

This is probably the most exciting business idea for men who love cars. Men do not like it when there’s a dent or scrape on their cars. They take it immediately to a car repair body shop, so they don’t have to look at that little dent. Aside from this, you can also offer other aesthetic works and buy an automotive spray booth that will deliver high airflow and fast curating speeds. If you’ve always loved tinkering with the exterior colors and designs of a car, this is the perfect business idea for you.

Car Wash

Busy people need to have someone wash their cars for them. They’ll take it to a car wash specialist, wait for a few minutes to an hour, and voila, they’ll have their cars clean and fresh-looking. You can even offer some other services such as car detailing and leather seat installation. The great thing about a car wash business is that it isn’t too expensive to start. Aside from the business requirements in your local area, all you need is to rent a big enough space to accommodate customers, a good water supply, and car cleaning supplies.

Car Salesperson


If you love cars and love talking about them, you can be a car salesperson. You can sell new or used cars, it doesn’t matter. If you know what you are talking about, you will be an instant hit to your target market. Just make sure you build a nice reputation for yourself. Remember that most people are wary about salespeople because of the commission-based salaries. They think that salespeople push them to buy an impractical car because of commission. Build a good reputation for yourself and see your business flourish.

Classic Car Restorer

Car restoration is a big industry. There are classic car clubs that you can join to target your market. The great thing about starting this business is once you impress the car owners, they’ll be loyal to your shop. They’ll come back again and again and make sure their cars are in tip-top shape. They also usually have an almost unlimited amount of funds to restore their cars. Most of them do this out of passion, hobby, and sentimentality, so that will work for you.

Car Repair Shop

Maybe not all car owners have the money to set their cars up, but they will spend on it if there’s something that needs fixing. That’s what a repair shop will do. If you have a knack for fixing things under the hood of a car, this is the best kind of business for you to start. If you manage to impress your clients, you will be their go-to repair shop. And you know for a fact that cars have to be in the repair shop either for maintenance or fixing at least once a year.

They always say to choose a job or business that you love so you never feel like it’s too much work. Men strive in the business of cars because they are generally and genuinely interested in them. These ideas will help you venture into your love for automobiles. Who knows what might come out of this little business venture of yours?

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