Types of Cleaners for Outdoor Concrete Surfaces


It is vital to keep your indoors clean. While this is still essential, it is also now crucial to keep our outdoors clean to maintain the look you struggle and invest so much to achieve. With clean outdoors, you can peacefully entertain your guests and benefit from the fresh air outdoors. Most outdoor surfaces are made of concrete owing to its resilience. They nonetheless feature intricate designs that though exceptional, are quite challenging to keep clean.

Pressure washing is a mechanical cleaning technique for keeping concrete surfaces clean in Raleigh, NC. While this technique will get rid of most of the embedded dirt on your surfaces, expert cleaners might also use a range of cleaners to guarantee the removal of stains that are hard to get rid of using mechanical action. The following are the types of cleaners that might suffice for the cleaning of your concrete surfaces.

pH-Neutral Cleaners

These are mild cleaners primarily meant for the cleaning of concrete surfaces with only surface dirt. pH-neutral cleaners can be used on unsealed concrete that has no major dirt contamination. They are generally concentrates that will be diluted before their use. They will be saturated on your surface, followed by a light agitation or scrubbing to get rid of stains before the surface is rinsed using water.

Acidic Cleaners

These are generally used for the removal of dirt and contaminants that are soluble in acidic media. They are particularly effective in getting rid of efflorescence on concrete surfaces. This is an insoluble metallic salt that resembles a white crystalline substance and will not be washed away using plain water. The efflorescence is often caused by exposure to hard water, high soil alkalinity, and high salt content in your concrete. Acid cleaners will defuse the stains and make it easier to scrub them off your surfaces. After the use of an acid cleaner, a neutralizing solution is used to protect your concrete before rinsing with plain water.

Alkaline Cleaners

These are at times known as alkaline degreasers. They are generally used to get rid of hydrocarbon-based stains such as grease and oil. They can also be used to neutralize your concrete surfaces after using acid cleaners on them. Alkaline cleaners are first diluted before use though they can be used in an undiluted form for older or deep concrete stains. After their application and the allowance of adequate acting time, the stain is scrubbed off the surface.

Bacterial or Enzymatic Cleaners

These comprise active enzymes that will attack and break down the contaminants and stains on your concrete. They are thus sometimes called oxidation cleaners. Enzymatic cleaners are often used to get rid of starch-based, protein-based, and hydrocarbon-based stains like pet urine. They need no water for activation and leave a minimal residue after their use though they need some time to get rid of the stains on your surface effectively.

The maintenance of concrete surfaces is not easy. While you might spray water once in a while to get rid of the dirt on it, this is not enough. Get a professional cleaning company to use the right chemicals from the above and techniques to leave to your concrete surfaces spotlessly clean.

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