The Summer Heat Can Put Your Car At Risk


Extremely high temperatures not only affect one’s health. These can also cause severe damage to cars if people aren’t careful.
KTXS 12 of ABC says that extreme heat can take a toll on a vehicle’s lubricant, air conditioners, and cooling system. If left untreated, heat exposure can can result in overheating and radiation problems.

How summertime heat affects vehicles

Manufacturers design car engines to withstand most temperature fluctuations. But extreme temperatures can still take a toll on an engine’s performance.
National Automotive Parts Association says that engines already produce heat because of the rapid moving of their parts when in use. But when the heat becomes intense because of the weather, there’s a considerable chance that you might be facing severe damage.
Exposure to extreme heat can also affect the lifespan of a car’s battery. Experts say that it’s more common to experience battery failures during summer than during the winter season. That’s why it’s crucial to regularly check the oil level and the temperature gauge whenever it’s hot outside. If the oil level gets too low, there’s a significant chance that the oil will run hotter, which can cause damage to the engine.

Simple checks to prevent car breakdowns

Experts urge car owners and motorists to perform simple checks to prevent their car from breaking down during summer. Thousands of drivers are at risk of a car breakdown as a result of carelessness. That’s why it’s crucial to perform simple safety checks ahead of the summer season. Doing so can keep their vehicles safe while on the road.
Express Publication says that you should check the tread depth of the car’s tires before going on the road. It should be over 1.6mm to ensure your safety. Exposing your car’s tires to heat can cause them to disintegrate faster. Even worse, it can also cause them to blow out, which happens when the air inside the tire expands quickly out of some damage in the tire.
Cars also tend to use fuel much faster, especially if the temperatures are hot, so always check the fuel levels to ensure that you don’t run low while on the road. Next, check out the hoses and the belts. See if there are any cracks in both belts and hoses and have them replaced if you find any. Both hoses and belts are crucial in cooling the car’s engine and keeping the AC system functioning.

Checking for any car problems

Birds eye view of car on the road

Maintaining your car can help prevent any breakdowns. Having emergency light bars in your car is ideal, especially during emergency breakdowns. But learning how to diagnose car problems can even be more helpful.
Checking for car problems is a daunting task, but it’s a must to take actions to avoid any major repairs. You can start by checking for any stains or puddles right under where you park your car. Leaks can cause severe problems to the car, especially if they remain unattended to.
Also, listen for any strange sounds when you’re using the car. If you notice any unfamiliar sounds from the engines, then there’s a chance that there’s a problem somewhere.
These are only a few of the things that you must be mindful of especially during summer. It’s best to regularly maintain your car to ensure that it’s in top condition all the time.

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