Tanning Without the Worries of Getting Burnt or a Skin Disease


Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez has set the bar so high when it comes to golden skin. They seem to be born with it, which can leave us thinking that we just are not blessed when it comes to the bronzed goddess department.

This is where you are wrong, though. You can also achieve that sexy golden skin look, as long as you do it right. Remember that there is a huge difference between a tan and burnt skin. Today, I am going to share my secrets when it comes to achieving the sought-after bronzed goddess look that everyone seems to love lately.

My Not-so-Secret Tanning Routine

Woman applying cream on skin

First off, I make sure to exfoliate my skin before tanning and getting my fair share of Vitamin D. I use Kedma Skincare’s Salt Scrub in Peach and Honey to make sure that I slough off the dead skin cells that are left on my skin. This is to make sure that my skin will be evenly tan and brown after getting some sun. Letting those dead skin cells stay on your skin can result in a horrible and patchy tan, which you definitely would not want.

I love how amazing this salt scrub smells and performs. It has Dead Sea minerals in it, which means that it will really get rid of the stubborn uneven patches on your skin. It always leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft, similar to that of a baby’s. It doesn’t dry my skin, too. In fact, I notice that after every use, my skin tends to be softer and suppler than it usually is.

I make sure to use this scrub at least twice a week. Even if I don’t tan, I use this to keep my skin soft and to keep those dead skin cells at bay. I simply wet my whole body before applying it, then I slather it all over then rub it in circular motions. Do not be too rough on it, as this might hurt your skin. Gently rub it in circles to get rid of all of those dead skin cells.

When tanning, I also make sure to use a tanning oil or lotion that contains a decent amount of SPF. You will be laying under direct sunlight and you definitely would want to get the best type of protection available. You also want to make sure that you will be applying the oil or lotion to your neck and face as well, as everything needs to match!

If you are getting a self-tan, then exfoliating prior to it should definitely be in your books. There is a higher risk of getting patchy results if you do self-tanning without exfoliating. Also, you should always use a tanning mitt when applying the self-tanner, as you definitely would not want your hands to appear way darker than your face and body.

Tanning can be a bit of a chore, but it is totally worth it if you want to get bronze and healthy-looking skin. Always be responsible when going under the sun or even when self-tanning so you would not have to deal with patchy or uneven skin for a few weeks or even months!

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