Types of Packaged Air Conditioning Units


Cooling and heating your property is a complicated affair. There are currently many units available on the market, and it is easy to get confused. These units, however, fall into two primary classes, including package and split systems. For properties that have abundant space, a split system that comprises an outdoor and indoor unit will suffice.

For property owners who do not have or do not want to use a lot of space for their HVAC installation in Knoxville, packaged units are the answer. These units have one central unit that holds the cooling and heating components, thus saving on space while still effectively meeting all your heating and cooling needs. The units are also quieter compared to split systems. Here are your available packaged AC unit options:

Packaged Air Conditioners

These come with the compressors, air handlers and evaporator coils in one boxed cabinet. Some packaged air conditioning systems have a heat strip. This is designed for areas that require maximum cooling but minimal heating. The strip makes your unit energy efficient by limiting its heat output. Packaged air conditioners are the go-to option for those who want an all-electric cooling and heating option. Newer units have a SEER rating of 13-15, and you can hence upgrade to these if you still have the old ones whose highest SEER rating is 10.

Packaged Heat Pumps

Though generally optimized for indoor heating, these units are used for both cooling and heating. They have a blower and evaporator coil for cooling in addition to the heat pump. A packaged heat pump works through the reversal of the refrigeration cycle in a typical air conditioner. Air is pushed over heated coils through a condensation-evaporation cycle. The warmed air is then blown through your ductwork to warm the interiors.

Packaged Gas-electric Systems

Repairing the airconditioning unitThese systems comprise a gas furnace, a coil, and an air conditioner. They use propane or natural gas for combustion in their heat exchangers. Cold air is sucked through the unit’s return vents then blown using the blower motor through heated exchangers to warm the air. This is then recirculated throughout your interiors. They are a good choice in areas where electricity is expensive since they allow you to use gas for heating and minimal power for recirculating the air.

Packaged Dual-fuel Systems

These units have two heating options, including a gas furnace and heat pump. The dual-fuel system is configured to determine when it is economical to use electricity with the heat pump or natural gas in the gas furnace for indoor heating. The heat pump is generally used for moderate indoor heating. When temperatures fall below 250 Fahrenheit, the unit uses the gas furnace for heating since it generates consistent, reliable heat.

The given packaged units are not just space-efficient but also guarantee energy savings. They are often installed on rooftops. They need utmost care since they are vulnerable to damage from animals and severe weather. Luckily, there are now different durable protective covers that do not affect their operation.

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