Pediatric Dentists: Why You Need One for Your Child


Some people grow up not wanting to visit the dentist despite having a toothache or other oral problems due to fear or trauma that they got when they were young. Prevent this from happening to your own child by giving him a good (and necessary) dental experience.

Having a qualified pediatric dentist in Salt Lake City can make a whole lot of difference. While your family dentist is good, the needs of your child are different from yours. Thus, it is important to have someone who can focus on your child’s oral health. Still not very convinced on why you need one?

Here are some points that will help you better understand their roles in your child’s health.


Like other health professionals, dentists go to dentistry school for four years, pass the boards, and get their license before they are able to practice the craft. Pediatric dentists also go through the same academic and professional process.

The only difference is that they study for an additional two years to learn more about their specialization. Thus, while your family dentist can help perform basic functions such as pulling out a tooth or providing tooth fillings, only a pediatric dentist can provide your child the proper dental care even before he turns a year old.

A different environment

Huge tools and machinery can be overwhelming to a child, especially if it is their first time. A pediatric dentist’s clinic offers a different vibe. Child-friendly wall paintings, toys, books, and play mats are a staple because they are trained to care not just for your child’s oral health, but also their psychological health. A good first dental visit would mean lesser trauma and fear in adulthood.

dentists and their assistants

Child-friendly equipment

An adult’s mouth is obviously bigger than an infant or even a toddler. That is why it is important to use the right equipment to prevent accidents from happening. A pediatric dentist is equipped with tools of right sizes and those with necessary safety measures for those curious little hands.

Child-centered medical approach

Another difference that a family dentist and a pediatric dentist have is their approach. Because adults are caught up with various things in life, it is common for them to visit their dentist when their teeth are already in bad shape, or if the pain has become intolerable. A family dentist would then find a solution to the problem, usually filling the bad tooth or even pulling it out.

With a pediatric dentist, the focus is not on finding a solution, but on having the right preventive measures to make sure that your child’s oral health will be in good shape as he grows older. Habit forming routines like brushing regularly and going for regular check-ups to the dentist are part of the package.

Hopefully, these four points gave you a clearer idea of the importance of having the right kind of dentist care for your child. It is not too late to find one and give your child a good dental experience.

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