Things That Shake the Self-confidence of Men


Men are now starting to show their more vulnerable side. Society started to understand that males should not always be on top of their games. This shift in perspective is helpful to their mental health.

Young men can navigate their lives better when they are free from the dictates of society. Among the things that they can express with liberty is their major insecurities. It is more acceptable now to be more expressive of how they feel. What things shake their self-confidence? Here are some of their top issues.

Their Body Image

Females are not the only gender that has a glossy magazine representation. Because of the rise of advertisements, some guys feel the need to keep up with the “perfect male” image. Think about tanned skin, lean legs, six-pack abs, and muscular chest.

Some men feel insecure when they look at themselves in the mirror. Their reflections stare back at them with thinning hair and bulging stomach. There should be no shame if they want to seek the help of a reliable cosmetic surgeon for such issues. Another option is to get into an exercise regimen that they would enjoy. An active lifestyle could help trim some muscles here and there. But, at the end of the day, self-acceptance and self-love matter most. They must learn to appreciate their assets and embrace their flaws.

Their Finances

Paper bills and coins on the table

Society expects men to play the role of a provider. People measure men on how many figures he makes in a month or a year. This mentality makes it hard for men who are only starting their careers. They feel the need to earn so much even from the get-go.

The solution is not to look at the salary. Find a career that resonates with their passion. This is something that they should enjoy doing every day. They must develop their skills in this profession. Then, the ability to earn well will follow. Also, do not think that budgeting is for women only. Men should be proactive with their expenses. This is a life skill that is not based on gender.

Their Ability to Show Emotions

Society wired men to be devoid of emotions. Even in the early stages of their lives, it is a known notion that boys should not cry. Yet, when males grow up, people judge them when they do not show tenderness to their partners.

This inconsistency causes men to feel helpless when it comes to being true to what they feel. The first thing that they need is to unlearn the idea that men should be apathetic. They should welcome emotions as they come, such as sadness, love, sympathy. They should be bolder in expressing how they feel. Seeking professional help is also an excellent option. Having a healthy way of managing their emotions would help them in many aspects of their lives.

Their Intelligence

Men want to feel respected. When they speak, they want to exhibit a strong command of what they are talking about. They are even guilty of comparing themselves with other men with things that they know.

An effective way to get out of this rut is to realize that everybody has their expertise. Also, in this fast-paced world, being book-smart is beginning to be an outdated thing. What matters more now is being life-smart. Men should not aspire to be the impeccable doctor or the eloquent lawyer if only to impress others. Men could focus on developing their emotional intelligence, instead. They could learn how to manage themselves and how to carry themselves in front of others.

Their Personality

Some women get attracted to humor and a man’s light personality. This is the reason why some men force themselves to have these characteristics. The danger of being too obsessed with being this Peter Pan version of a man is the rise of the man-child. Humor is attractive, but deep down, it is not what women want and need in a life partner.

At the end of the day, women will look for stability. Thus, do not try to be suave and think of pick-up lines that will get a woman’s attention. Instead, focus on building life experiences that will make a better and stable man. Personality is not defined by how many laughed at the delivery of a joke. True personality is how a man weathers everything that comes his way.

The present generation of men should cut these insecurities. These uncertainties should not spill over to future generations. Life is one great adventure. Insecurities will hinder a person for them to enjoy the ride.

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