Is Your Bedroom Making It Harder for You to Sleep?


There’s a reason you’ve been tossing and turning all night long. It could be that bad midnight snack or the full mug of coffee you just downed. It may be the worrying and overthinking. It could also be a health problem, like restless leg syndrome or chronic pain.

But in most instances, it’s not you—it’s your bedroom. These are the ways your room design is making it harder to sneak a wink.

Your colour scheme is overly stimulating

Ask any expert decorator, and they will say that colour schemes are everything in interior design. Not only because they improve aesthetics, but also because they influence the mood in the space.

There’s a good chance that you’re restless on your bed because the dominant colours in the room are overly stimulating. Don’t use reds, yellows and oranges, or at least keep them to a minimum or in hushed, lighter tones.

But the best approach is to go for cool colours, such as blues and greens. Use these in your walls, furnishings and fixtures. This can effectively create an atmosphere of relaxation. Check out furniture e-commerce sites if you want to have a new set of cabinets and sofas that have cool tones. Find online bedding stores, too, to give your covers a new, relaxing splash of colours.

Your nightstand is full of clutter

This is one of the last things you see before you close your eyes. If you’re eyeing your phone or a list of to-dos on paper, it can make you a little bit restless, as you feel like you should accomplish more things or scroll through somebody’s Facebook profile. Not the feeling you want if you’re trying to get some sleep, right?

So, keep your nightstand free of clutter. At the very least, its surface should only have a lamp, an alarm clock and a family photo. Find side tables that have at least one shelf or drawer so that you can keep phones, papers and other possible distractions away from your sight.

Of course, it’s equally important to keep other surfaces, like your lounge chairs, workstations and vanity clean. Otherwise, your neat freak self would feel the need to clean them up at ungodly hours. Stash away used clothes in bins. Keep your makeup inside drawers.

Your windows and floors offer ‘no rest’

Man laying in bed with no sleep

Aside from colours and clutter, light and noise are your two other enemies when it comes to having a good rest. Light from passing cars on the street or your neighbour’s television can disrupt your sleep, as it interferes with the production of the sleep hormone, as well as your body clock. Creaking noises on the floors can also interrupt slumber, and if they happen when at the deep sleep stage, you’re guaranteed to be groggy in the morning.

Use window treatments and rugs then. For a sophisticated look, go for floor-to-ceiling satin curtains and faux fur rugs. For a homier vibe, consider shutters or blinds and cotton or wool rugs.

Have you been spending restless nights lately? If it’s not the midnight snack or a sleep disorder, perhaps it’s because of your very room. Perhaps, it’s time to revamp the look and function of your space.


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