5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer


Preparing your home for the summer is crucial if you want to make the most out of those heated months. While you may be picturing days on the beach and picnics outdoors, summer is also the perfect month to perform some much-needed home maintenance tasks to prolong the service life of your house.

1. Check your conditioning unit.

Budget for AC repair in Modesto to make sure your unit is up to par. A clean unit will help reduce the costs of electricity as well as guarantee the quality of the air you’re getting when in use. You could also replace the unit if it’s old, especially since the newer units are specially built to consume as little power as possible.

2. Protect your home from insects.

Start putting in screens all over your home, specifically along the window openings and the door leading to the backyard. During the summer, you’d probably welcome some cool breeze fanning through the house and allowing the air to circulate.

At the same time, however, you’d want to keep the insects out as they can easily invade the home — not to mention bring in certain diseases in your space. If you own a pet, you might also want to have them groomed to minimize the chances of lice or ticks hitching a ride.

3. Prep your backyard gear.

Summer is also the time for barbeques and hanging out with friends and family outdoors. You’d want to start cleaning the backyard gear, specifically focusing on the barbeque grill, the lawn furniture, the pool, and even the deck. There’s a good chance you’ll be using these as soon as the weather permits it, so there’s a need to guarantee that they’re all clean and in a safe and usable condition.

The pool specifically needs some attention as the water has to be replenished and any fencing reinforced to prevent children from jumping in without adult supervision. Cleaning your deck and repainting it would also help create a more welcoming atmosphere.

4. Sun dry your pillows and mattress.
comfortable bed with mom and son

As soon as the weather permits it, try dragging your mattress and pillows outdoors and allowing them to soak up as much of the sun as possible. There’s no need to wash them — just allow them to dry under the sun. This kills bacteria as well as removes any moisture that might have accumulated.

You’ll find that pillows become fluffier after doing this — and the mattress will feel like it’s brand new. Summer is also the best time to flip your mattress and get rid of all the dust and grime that may be hiding underneath.

5. Declutter your possessions.

Finally, don’t forget to start reassessing your possessions for summer. Summer sales are perfect for earning some extra cash while at the same time removing the unnecessary items in your home. Give away stuff you don’t need if you’re not really keen to sell them off.

Of course, those are just some aspects of the house that will need attention before summer hits. Try to make a to-do-list as soon as possible so you’ll have a fairly good idea on how much to spend for the prep work.

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