How to Keep Your Food Warm Through Warming Cabinets


Many people start catering businesses and restaurants to pursue their passion and make a profit from their love of cooking. Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of them close shop after a few months. There are many aspects which need to work in harmony to determine the success of a catering business. The aroma, taste, and consistency of your food are among the essential elements. Every caterer knows the essence of food presentation needs intense concentration and take time to create a mouthwatering food display.

They will take time to pick the best choices that commercial catering equipment suppliers have on offer. Few, however, bother to choose equipment that keeps their food warm and hence their food becomes unappealing even when cooked with the best recipes and displayed exceptionally. There are different options for food warming equipment, but warming cabinets are the most common and work for most foods. The following are the common types of food warming cabinets.

Cook and Hold Cabinets

These cabinets allow you to prepare your food a day before serving it. Cook and hold cabinets have a probe which you will stick into the cabinets to assess the temperature of your food and automatically switch on a heater to maintain the food at a constant set temperature. The cabinets can also be used for serving most of these foods.

Heated Banquet Cabinets

These are often heavy cabinets, with large handles and sturdy casters. They come in plate capacities ranging from 96-200 making them ideal for large events. Heated banquet cabinets generally use electric heating systems for keeping the food warm though some models use canned fuel. They commonly have clipboards and whiteboards where you can indicate the components of your food and any serving suggestions.

Modular Holding Cabinets

These are small stackable holding cabinets which comprise one or several holding pans or bins. Modular holding cabinets are set on shelves or countertops and feature a pass-through or single entry design. Warm air is blown through the sides using a cross flow fan which radiates heat from a water surface heater or foil.

Roll-In Rack Cabinets

man placing bread on food warmer cabinet

These resemble oven racks. Food is positioned on one side of the rack and comes out through another straight into holding cabinets. There are special casters inside the racks which heat the food. There are different variations of roll-in rack cabinets. Some, for instance, can hold dinner plates with served food to reduce your serving time.

Proofing Cabinet

This is exclusively meant for baked treats. Proofing cabinets heat and hold temperatures of 24 to 40 degrees C with humidity levels of 70-90%. This allows your pastries and bread not to dry out and others to be served warm. Proofing cabinets come with different risers to create visual interest to your baked goods’ display.

No guest wants to start looking for a food warming alternative after serving it. Most types of food will also lose some of their taste through regular heating and cooling. The above warming cabinets negate the repeated heating of your food and offer a practical solution for its display and serving. They are indeed a must-have for all catering businesses.

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