Five-Step Guide to Organizing a Company Outing


Memorable events don’t happen overnight. Meticulous planning and organizing are only a few of the skills that you need to develop to plan a small business event successfully. Aside from looking at Fish Creek hotels for reservations, you also need to look at the other details to ensure its success.

Planning a small business event like a company outing is a great way to create a strong bond among all employees. Building a good working relationship with everyone is essential for a company’s success. Here are a few tips to consider to guide you with organizing a company outing.

Create a theme

The theme acts as the cohesive element that will tie the entire event together. So, it’s best to choose and decide on an idea which will serve as a guide for all the other essential elements of the theme.

Planning a theme for a corporate event like a company outing is different from having a birthday party. The idea should center around the activities that you want to do. You could choose themes that focus on a local sporting event. You can also consider doing a jungle theme if you wish to do adventurous or challenging activities.

Have an estimate

Now that you have an idea in mind, you need to estimate your budget for the event. You don’t necessarily have to outline every single piece of equipment you need for the event. At this point, all you need to do is to get general pricing for all the essential aspects of the company outing. It should include pricing for entertainment, lodging, rentals, food, and prizes.

Look for venues

For most company outings, you need to have ample space to conduct the event. You also need to consider the space where you’ll place the food and entertainment for the event. You should shop around the area so you can get various quotes for the services. All the information that you can gather will help you make a sound decision, primarily if you’ll base it on the price as well as the reputation of the venue.

Check the calendar

Woman checking calendar on laptop

When planning out a company outing, it’s best to check the calendar beforehand. Doing so will ensure that there aren’t any national or local event that will take place during your company outing. You can try checking the schedule if there are any holidays close to the day of the company outing. Small Biz Trends also suggests that you should also look at the month to see if it’ll too close to any vacation season. Doing so will ensure that everyone will be able to attend the event.

Create a list

Now that you have all the necessary things settled, it’s now time to create a to-do list to keep everything organized. It must contain all the critical details for the event so that you won’t get confused about it. You should read through the list to confirm that everything is all good a week before the event. You should also assign an event coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the outing. Now that you’ve got everything settled, the only thing that you must do is to have fun.

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