Have a Blast: 3 Better Alternatives to Big Birthday Parties for Kids


Birthday parties for kids have gone more extravagant, thanks to the constant barrage of images from mom influencers and countless inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s hard not to feel mom guilt when you don’t go all out on your own child’s birthday party.

But, here’s the thing: You can go all out in your celebration without getting your savings account (and sanity) drained out. In fact, it’s best to reserve the big birthday bashes on certain ages only — let’s say, on their 5th — when they finally go to school, for the purpose of teaching them the value of contentment, as well as anticipation.

For the rest of your celebrations, here are things you can do:

Dedicate a BFF day

Let your kid invite their best friend to a day of exciting activities. Plan the itinerary based on your children’s interests. Some activities most kids enjoy today are swimming, biking, kite-flying, shopping for toys at the mall, laser tag, etc. If your children prefer being at home, you can arrange a scavenger hunt at your backyard or perhaps let them have a sleepover.

Inform the parents of your child’s friend about the activities planned out for the night, especially what you’ll eat. The last thing you want to do on your kid’s birthday celebration is rushing someone else’s child to the hospital for allergies. Inform the parents about everything. Whatever you choose to do, prioritise the safety of the kids.

Grant a wish

It’s in birthdays that people make wishes, so why don’t you make one come true on the day? Kids have the simplest wishes: an ice cream at their favourite restaurant, a toy, or a trip to an amusement park. Surely, granting one won’t break the bank. Just be sure that you create the ‘make-a-wish’ ceremony an equally memorable one.

The build-up of momentum, from wishing to granting the wish is crucial. Consider a custom cake design online, so you can create a cake perfectly suitable to your child’s preferred flavour, colour, and even toppings. Perhaps you can also decorate their bedroom with balloons and greeting banners, so that when they wake up or go back home from school, they’d be surprised.

Be involved in a charity program

Happy volunteer with children family separating donations stuffs on a sunny day

Your child’s birthday is an opportunity to teach them how to be thankful. It’s another year added to their life, so there’s so much to be grateful for. Let them express that thankfulness by sharing the joy with other people.

Encourage them to get involved in a charity program. You can, for instance, donate some used clothes to an orphanage or let them sing or dance in front of the elderly people in an assisted living community.

If they’re into animals, ask a local animal shelter if they can take in your child as a volunteer for the day. You can also drive around your small town, giving sandwiches to the homeless. The principle is to inspire them to do an act of kindness as an expression of their gratefulness.

Again, you don’t have to throw an extravagant party for your child year after year. And, you don’t have to break the bank celebrating. Remember these meaningful alternatives for a meaningful celebration.

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