Home Security Measures You Need to Follow


Incidents of break-in and burglary happen around the world and more so in America. To avoid incidents like these, homeowners must be aware of their surroundings through visibility, property maintenance, and access. This won't just reduce the chances of theft, but also break-ins that may cause you or your family danger.

There are numerous heist movies out there where the star easily breaches security system. In reality, we have to look into the eyes of the person attempting the break-in so that we can better prepare for instances like these.

Friends with the Dark

Criminals and burglars favor environments that are dark or unlit because of the simple reasons for not getting caught easily. Make sure to add light sensors in your home, or simply leave some lights on at night, to avoid being a target. You can also plant trees around to reduce the visibility of your house.

Time Is Gold

Easily accessible homes and buildings are prime targets for burglars, as break-ins should be done as quickly as possible. More time means higher chances of being caught by nearby people, such as neighbors and security. Keeping your home locked and well secured means more time, which may discourage burglars from hitting your house.

Unnecessary Noise

Burglars are discouraged by loud noises: talk about dogs and security alarms. These increase their risk of getting caught, so you know what to do.

Locking door of house

Security Measures

  • Ensure that windows, doors, and other points of entry are difficult to access or penetrate. Neighborhoods and homes should have secure areas. Estate driveway gates should be well maintained, too, so replace broken or faulty locks. If a security alarm sounds expensive, adding reinforcements to points of entry is a good enough option. Motion detected lights, or other means of alert, are also helpful when installed near points of entry.
  • Before leaving home or going to bed, keep expensive valuables out of sight (away from doors and windows) and secure them in unlikely places. A safe deposit box may be helpful. Also, be aware of where you place keys and other means of access. If you have firearms, lock them up and keep them away. 
  • Being friendly with your neighbors can indirectly save you from a burglary while you're away. Not only does it establish a community bond, but also help keep an eye on your house while you're gone.
  • Being mindful of what you throw out is also important. Throwing out that expensive TV, for example, may draw attention from thieves and invite them to steal from your home.
  • Being aware of who enters your home is also a step that most people don't consider in terms of theft. Being wary of strangers entering your home may lead to them returning when you don't expect it (sometimes with company). Also, be suspicious of people who look like they can help (con artists).
  • If you're away for a while, try to make the house look busy or occupied. This is a simple way to deceive thieves. If away, coordinating with neighbors also ensures that your mail won't be piling up, a sign that signifies occupants might be on vacation.

Regardless of how your house looks or where you live, break-ins and burglaries occur. Staying alert, maintaining good household maintenance, and coordinating with neighbors are just some of the ways to drive away unwanted company and make your home a safer place.

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