Different Approaches to Dealing with Life’s Unexpected Turns


One advice you may get when you’re going through a tough time is to sit still and pray. It will not directly solve anything, but it will help you realign your thoughts so that you realize not everything is within your control. The sooner you realize you can’t predict what will happen, the faster you can move forward and feel lighter.

Instead of worrying about things that take time resolving themselves, do these:


You are not limited to the place where you were born. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough go traveling. Where should you go? Consider an LDS Israel tour to be in touch with your religious upbringing while allowing yourself to be free from the clasp of your troubles. This is not running away. Rather, you are running towards the center of your religious belief, which will make you more aware of the limitations and consequences of your own actions. You might even find that to truly defeat a problem, you have to accept you need help and guidance.

Reconnect with Family

Many are born into the belief of their parents, and some move away from those beliefs during their teenage years or when they turn into young adults. It may cause a rift in the family, especially if converting to a different religion is something no one has ever done in your clan. However, don’t let differences in opinion break your bond with your own flesh and blood. Repair what can be repaired by respecting each other’s choices. When you’re going through the darkest times of your life, it’ll be great if you can shout for help and someone can shout back willing to help you.

Rediscover Yourself

Woman raising her armsMany do this through traveling, but that is not the only way. You do not have to leave your place to take a look at your actions and see how they have led you down a difficult path. Perhaps all you need is to try a new activity, one that will help you relax and face problems with a stronger mindset. Your moment of weakness does not have to make you a weak person, but you will not discover your strength if you don’t leave unhealthy habits behind. This is true with people, as well. If there is someone in your life who is limiting your growth, ask yourself if letting them go would benefit you.


You’re having a hard time with one problem right now, but you’ll make it through if you keep working on a solution. Find the lesson from your previous experience, to help you deal with a similar hurdle. Keeping a journal helps you remember what happened, what it made you feel, and how you turned things around. You may be surprised at how a mood tracker can reveal things about you that you don’t realize. Even small things can affect your emotions, and some of them may be a pattern you need or break. But you can only start healing and learning by being aware of the problem.

You don’t want to be stuck in a bad place physically, mentally, and emotionally. Only you can help yourself grow, so start working on yourself.

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