Create a Thriving Home Environment with Essential Lawn Care Practices


In the suburbs, the levels or air and noise pollution are reduced significantly by grass ecosystems. Evidently, there are more benefits to maintaining a great lawn than just having a green turf surrounding your property. Grass ecosystems are a natural filter, and that is why we must care for them properly.

Enhancing the quality of life

Lawns are places where kids can play and where adults can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Lawns enhance the environments humans live in. We can trace the practice of maintaining a green turf back to our ancestors.

They recognized the many benefits of a healthy lawn in home life and in the community. Well-manicured lawns are a community pride and help sustain harmony and cooperation. They offer us a break from our hectic lives and give us the means to connect with the natural world even if we live in the midst of the city.

A healthy lawn may be good for the environment. More importantly, a healthy lawn is good for humans as well.

Protecting your lawn from weeds

Plants thrive in healthy soil, but if there is too much competition for the water and nutrients, their growth can be stunted. While weeds can be tolerated, there comes a time when their presence already overcomes that of the grass and plants you are growing.

As unwanted plants, weeds offer undesirable competition. As such, they must be removed to promote grass growth. Weed prevention is integral to lawn management. Some practices are more effective than others.

Certain practices, such as mulching and biological approaches, are more appropriate in certain climates. With the help of local experts, you can develop and implement an integrated approach to weed protection and control to keep the grass green and healthy year-round.

Fertilization 101

fertilize your lawn sign

In springtime, the main activity for lawn care is fertilization. When the ground is warm enough, you’d have to prepare the right kind of fertilizer for the soil. The choice of nutrients also depends on the specific mineral requirements of the type of grass growing in the yard.

Lawn fertilization is an exact science. The amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus your lawn needs can be ascertained by a soil test. Instead of guessing the type and amount of fertilizer, consult with experts on the matter.

While discussing soil nutrients, you can also ask about the most appropriate method (and time) for applying fertilizer so that the yard gets an even coverage.

Watering and mowing

Regular lawn care includes watering mowing. Watering lightly is less favorable to watering heavily when the yard needs it. The soil type is the primary determining factor for the lawn’s watering needs. With regard to cutting grass, you can ask for tips from commercial mowers here in Grande Prairie as to the best time for the grass variety on the yard.

If you want to mow the lawn yourself, make sure you have the right equipment and take note of guidelines on cutting grass to avoid damage to the plants.

A beautiful green yard is good for the body, mind and soul. Invest the right amount of time and resource for the yard so that your family will continue to thrive in a healthy, comfortable, and nurturing home environment.

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