Can Home Automation Help Homeowners Save on Electric Bills?


Have you always wondered why your electric bills are so high during summer? Several factors can affect your home’s electric bills. One reason could be an inaccurate computation or an increase in the price of electricity itself. If your electrical usage seems unusually high compared to last year, verify your bills to see if they match your meter reading. To do so, you need to find the latest meter read in your bill and compare it with your usage per kilowatt hour. Your meter should show a little higher reading than the current meter stated in your bill. If your meter reading is lower, then there’s a chance that your bill is inaccurate. But what should you do if it’s accurate?

Why electric bills increase during the summer

It’s only normal to use more electricity during summer. Since it is hot outside, most people choose to stay indoors. But the more that people stay inside, the harder it is to resist using electric appliances such as your AC to keep the temperature more comfortable. Also, kids are usually home from school. Hence, they naturally look for any form of entertainment such as TV and computer games to enjoy their summer.

Another reason for the increase in energy usage is the constant use of the pool. Although pools are a great way to cool off during summer, the electric pool pump tends to use a lot of electricity. Using your pool regularly can shoot up your bill by the end of each month.

The heat outside also affects your electric bills.  That is because your AC must work twice as hard to keep your home’s interior temperature fresh enough for everyone. But can technology help your home become more energy-efficient?

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Using automation to save energy

Aside from installing residential solar in Sandy, Utah, home automation is another way to help save on electric bills. There several Smart HVAC Systems and smart thermostats that are specifically built to help save on energy use. Smart HVAC systems even have their built-in Internet connectivity that lets the owner control the appliance using their personal devices. Smart thermostats also use the same feature, which makes it easier to control the heating and cooling system in just a single touch of a button.

These simple upgrades can mean a lot, especially for families who are looking for ways to save on their electric bills. If efficiently used, a smart thermostat can potentially add 10 percent on savings each year. Because of the recent upgrades in technology, homeowners can now control their HVAC systems using their voice alone. Most HVAC manufacturers have added a voice-control capability that uses digital assistants to control the home temperature using voice commands.

There are other ways to help you save money other than home automation. You can always check the Internet for more tips to help you save energy or ask your friends for any hacks. Making your home energy-efficient will not only help you keep your electric bills low, but it will also help save the environment.

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