6 Tips to Senior-Proof Your Home


As we grow older, we start losing our strength and balance. Our motor skills do not make us as capable as we were when we were a few years younger. It’s just a part of the natural course of life. But that means that more care is needed in order to take care of seniors.

The home should be a safe place for its dwellers. But most of the time, seniors experience accidents in the comfort of their homes, the most common ones being slips or falls. We must make proactive efforts to keep the home safe for seniors. Here are some tips to senior-proof your home.

Start with the bathroom

Probably the most dangerous place at home for seniors is the bathroom. The hard flooring and accumulated moisture can easily be the culprit of dangerous slips and falls. When senior-proofing your home, you want to turn your attention to the bathroom. The best thing you can do is to make sure the floor is always dry — wipe the floor after every shower, get an exhaust system to keep the room dry, and immediately repair any sink or toilet leaks.

Then, you’ll want to add an extra line of defense by installing non-slip mats to eliminate slippery surfaces. To ensure safety while taking a shower, you might want to consider purchasing walk in bathtubs for seniors.

Install safety grab bars

Because of the weaker sense of balance and poor vision, it’s easier for seniors to fall or trip. Thus, the stairs, high cabinets, etc. are very dangerous places. To add more support for your senior relative, install safety grab bars in areas where falls can happen. This will give them something to hold on to for increased security and stability.

Eliminate trip hazards

Even young adults have the tendency to trip on loose rugs, cords, or other objects scattered around at home. It might seem harmless, but it’s absolutely dangerous for senior citizens. Make sure to check every corner of your home and eliminate any objects that might cause people to trip. Get rid of clutter, flatten rugs, safely fasten wires and cords, etc.

Move essential objects within arm’s reach

Slips and falls are not the only dangers that could happen to seniors at home. Because they’re not as strong as they used to be, reaching for objects in high cabinets or bending down to grab things from the lower shelf can also cause accidents. As much as possible, put everything within arm’s reach. Take everything that your senior relative uses on a daily basis and put them in easy-to-access areas.

Reduce clutter

Seniors have a high sense of attaching sentimental value to objects. That’s why you’ll notice that a senior’s home often has too many things, creating clutter in the rooms. But clutter can become a hazard not only to seniors but also to everyone else around the house.

Everything must have its proper place. Invest in storage to help keep clutter away from pathways. Stay organized at all times. Remember that even the littlest things count.

Have good lighting

As we all know, our vision will not be as clear when we grow old. It will become harder to see things, much less to spot safety hazards. Something that could help with that is proper lighting. Install bright light in all the rooms of the senior’s home to help with their vision.

A house should be a safe space for everyone, most especially senior citizens. Take these tips and senior-proof your home to keep your elderly relatives safe and secure.

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