3 Ways Events Increase Brand Awareness


In recent years, the rise of digital marketing has raised an important question: are events still effective at promoting brands? The research says yes: 96% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product or service if an event has left them with a good impression.

The numbers prove that events are still one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. Read on to find out more about how events can boost your brand:

Leave Lasting Impressions

Brands are more memorable when they connect to consumers’ lives. When you launch an event that uses this connection, your brand gains the potential to leave a lasting impression. It’s best to connect both physically and emotionally to your audience.

Make it an interactive experience rather than a passive one. Find ways to make your event more fun. People will keep your brand on the top of their minds longer than any print ad could. An immersive experience can also help your brand online.

If you’ve made an impact, people will share their experiences on social media. Just make sure to leave a good impression. The worst thing that can happen is to bore your audience. If you’re planning an event, seek advice from marketing professionals. Crafting a good message for your brand is crucial.

Consult with an event planning company in Dubai for the best results.

Create Brand Advocates

Events have a major advantage over other marketing strategies. It’s one of the fastest ways to build trust for your brand. This is because of word-of-mouth advertising from brand advocates. They are individuals or groups who feel connected with your brand’s identity.

They will promote your brand to family and friends, just because they like it so much. This organic kind of promotion can grow brand awareness exponentially. Excellent reviews from your advocates can also directly lead to sales.

Take advantage of this factor by launching your event with these influencers in mind. Target their needs and make sure your brand speaks to them. Encourage potential advocates to talk about your brand and reward them for it. Goodies and giveaways aren’t just for birthday parties and will be much appreciated.

Target the right audience, and you’ll have a strong brand presence for days after your event has ended. The key is to communicate a unified brand message. What message do you want your advocates to share with others?

Retain Existing Clients and Customers

Keeping existing clients and customers is easier than getting new ones. You don’t have to revamp your brand to do this. All you need to do is to remind your clients why your brand stands out from the competition.

A well-mounted event can make that happen. It can communicate any critical changes in your brand’s messaging. It also keeps your brand name relevant to your clients. In reality, your audience can always take their business elsewhere. Even the best B2B or B2C relationships can fade away.

The only solution there is to make sure that you nurture those relationships. For B2B events, make sure your brand message is targeted for leaders and key staff. This tactic is proven to encourage repeat business.

Staying Relevant to Your Audience

Target market concept

Marketing has come a long way. With the rise of new technology comes more tools at a marketer’s disposal. But one thing hasn’t changed – the ability of a brand to stay relevant in the minds of consumers. With the right brand strategy, people will see your brand as more than just a product or service. They will see it as a lifestyle.

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