Window Well Cover Alternatives for Your Basement


The protection of your indoor environment is among the key elements to consider when picking a building’s design. One part of your building that will expose your interiors to considerable harm without the right measures is the window.

You cannot negate windows in your property altogether since they optimize indoor ventilation and let in natural lighting. The right window treatment will, however, minimize the harmful UV rays filtering into your interiors. When most people hear this, they naturally assume this means rollers, blinds, and curtains.

Window awnings and well covers for your Denver home are, however, also ideal window protectors. Basements, for instance, present a significant challenge for property owners. The location of the windows exposes them to a range of issues, including debris and water falling from your roof.

Moreover, the windows affect the privacy of your basement. The ideal solution for your basement’s windows is a window well cover. The following are the types of window well covers.

Bubble and Sloped Covers

These mark the most popular options in residential properties. Bubble covers have dome shapes while the sloped covers lie flat and close to the ground. In both cases, the well covers will shed ice, snow, and water from the upper sections of your home.

Bubble and sloped well covers are quite easy to clean since they only need a simple hose spray to get rid of debris

Flat Covers

These are flat with the ground. They are the unobtrusive solutions for keeping debris, water, and animals out of your basement. Unfortunately, a flat cover will not direct water away from your basement like other alternatives. As such, it is not the ideal choice for places with considerable amounts of water and ice.

Even so, flat covers are hard-wearing, easy to clean and allow plenty of light to filter into your basement.

BasementSlant and Atrium Dome Covers

These are meant to sit above the ground level on basement windows. They are thus primarily used for basement windows above the ground and especially casement-style windows that open outwards. Even so, slant and atrium window covers will also work for flat windows since they exude a charming look with their dome shape.

Most of the covers are made of sturdy materials and can hold not less than 400 pounds of debris weight and are mostly unbreakable when exposed to large falls.

Window Well Grates

These covers are made of metal, mostly aluminum, unlike other well covers that are made of plastics. They will not keep light dirt and water out of your basement but will let in adequate amounts of natural lighting.

Window well grates are ideal choices if you are only looking for solutions to frequent foot traffic around your basement but still want sufficient ventilation.

Some people opt to forego basement windows altogether and instead choose artificial ventilation solutions. These are not only costly to buy and maintain but also sometimes ineffective. With the above well cover options, you can include windows in your basement without worry about debris and water in your interiors.

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