Who Are Adams Dental?


Adams Dental is an Emergency Dentist Southgate that patients can access when they need emergency dental care. Emergency dental care should always be accessible because an emergency can arise at any time. This article will discuss how emergency dental appointments work and how patients can get the care that they need quickly. Adams Dental puts the needs of the patient first so that they can get the help they need and their pain can be managed in a quick and efficient way. Patients will also be given an outline of numerous dental emergencies that could require quick care as well as what to do between the emergency occurring and getting to their emergency appointment. Nobody should be in a position where they are in pain and they cannot get help, for this reason Adams Dental can be there for patients when they need them most. Patients are always taken care of to the best of the practice’s ability and given the best standard of customer service.

How do emergency appointments work?

If a patient thinks that they need emergency dental care from an emergency dentist in Southgate they should contact the practice immediately. Emergency appointments are often issued on the same day, so patients can get the help that they need. If patients require help outside of normal office areas then they can still contact the practice to listen to the recorded message to see what their next steps should be. Emergency appointments will be allocated as quickly as possible so patients can come to the practice and get the necessary help within a few hours. Help is offered quickly and efficiently to ensure that patients are not in unnecessary pain. The next section of this article will discuss what patients should do in the time between the emergency occurring and getting to the emergency appointment. This can become important to patients so that they can look after their teeth to the best of their ability.

What should I do in the meantime?

Dental treatment

Accidents can happen quickly and can cause multiple dental issues. These issues could be a loose tooth that has been caused by an accident. Severe toothache and bleeding of the gums, also classed as a dental emergency. A swollen jaw alongside an abscess would also be a reason to see an emergency dentist. Canker sores, tooth numbness and a mouth that tastes like metal could also be a reason to call the dental practice. Once a patient has rung Adams dental to organise their emergency dental appointment they will be given advice on how best to look after their ailment before they can come into the practice. If the aliment is a knocked out tooth, the dentist may advise the patient in question to place the tooth back into the place it came out of with a protective covering over it. If patients need support with any dental care then they should call the practice at their earliest convenience. The earlier the patient can call the practice, the quicker the appointment can be issued and the earlier the appointment, the quicker the necessary help can be issued.

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