What Are The Costs Of Avoiding Dental Care?


Chances are, like many others, you probably only search for a ‘dentist near me’ when experiencing a dental emergency. It is a lamentable fact that dental care is most often only sought when one is in pain or discomfort or, as is increasingly the case nowadays, out of embarrassment.

Many Australian adults cite the costs of dental care as the reason they avoid dental visits. Those with dental care health insurance (25 per cent of 12.3 million adults) and 50 per cent of those without would rather postpone seeking professional dental care than address their poor oral health issues.

What many fail to see is that addressing dental problems when they are only minor concerns is far less expensive than leaving these problems to fester and develop into complex issues. Complex dental issues hold the reputation for being costly and difficult to treat with lengthened treatment times. Patients can actually save money by treating issues that are in their early stages.

The rewards of an attractive appearance

The supreme influence of social media over the consciousness of society has resulted in more and more individuals taking an interest in portraying the best outward version of themselves. Even researchers have put this phenomenon under the spotlight, and studies have shown that a prime physical appearance can open the floodgates of opportunities to a more rewarding life.

A warm and winning smile is an asset that dominates the boardroom as well as the playground. Human beings are just naturally hardwired to respond positively to what they are attracted to.

having dental check up

The recent study ‘The Australian Camera-Ready Smile’ sheds some light on the influence smiles have on us. Participants were called on to evaluate selfie-shots that were posted on social media. The study found that it is the smile (57 per cent) and not other selfie-worthy traits like exotic locations (35 per cent) or adventure activities (15 per cent) that offered the most appeal value.

Other studies also show that people with attractive smiles receive more positive responses than those with awkward smiles. A good-looking smile earns you a favourable impression where you are deemed more attractive and, therefore, intelligent, friendly and trustworthy.

Being attributed to all of these desirable qualities make it more likely that an attractive person will attain success; a better-looking job candidate stands a higher chance of getting hired than one who is not. This form of bias works to the advantage of those who are good-looking in all areas of life; be it at work, play or in the courtroom.

For a smile to be considered happy and healthy, it is fundamental that dental health and hygiene be in good order. Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment plans and even general dentistry can be used to enhance the look of smiles. Patients must consult with a qualified and registered dentist for more information on a specific dental intervention.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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