Water Damage and Possible Ways of Preventing It


Water damage may simply be defined as the undesirable effects of intruding water. The term intruding is used since the water flows into unwanted areas. Whenever water comes into contact with organic material, there are always chances of the materials rotting or decomposing. On the other hand, metal surfaces tend to rust when exposed to moisture. It is that effect of water on materials that is called water damage.

Clean your rain gutter regularly

Rain gutters are installed for purposes of channeling rainwater to the drainage lines. As such, there is a need to keep them clear. There are companies that offer different services for rain gutters in Salt Lake City. The services offered may be in the form of cleaning the gutters, repairing faulty ones, or even replacing them. The accumulation of dirt in rain gutters reduces their drainage capacity. The result is the overflow of rainwater. Sometimes, soil particles and debris may settle along the gutter within joint sections causing the gutters to disjoint. This may be followed by leaks that expose your house to water damage.

Check the condition of your house’s siding

Siding refers to the protective cover installed on the exterior of a building. Siding is installed to protect a building against the elements of the weather. It may also be used for purposes of keeping the surface of a house clean because most siding is made of materials that are easy to clean. As house or building owner, it is important to be on the lookout for patches of worn-out siding around the walls. Usually, such patches allow the entry of moisture, which leads to rusting and rotting.

Clear drainage channels

Drains are used to collect and channel wastewater away from a building. Sometimes, the drains may have open sections that allow the entry of foreign objects such as leaves and stones. The result is clogged drains. This prevents the free flow of the generated wastewater, causing its level to rise in the drains. The same applies to drainage pipes. The entry of fatty food particles through a sink into the drainage pipes puts the pipes at risk of clogging. Upon clogging, water pressure tends to build up inside the pipes, causing them to burst. Sewage water does not only expose your house to water damage, but it may also put you at risk of bacterial infections.

Check out for possible signs of water damage

Apart from preventing water damage, it is very essential to be on the lookout for possible signs of this problem. Whereas you may have taken all necessary steps to prevent leaks, they may still arise from factors beyond your control. For example, even after ascertaining that there are no food particles that pass through your sink, the sewage pipes may still burst from mechanical damage, causing them to leak. Possible signs of water damage include odors arising from decomposing organic materials and peeling paint.

The cost of preventing water damage around your home is always less than that of rehabilitating your home after it has suffered water damage. It is cheaper to have the gutters around your home replaced compared to purchasing a new TV set.

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