3 Things to Do When You’re Being So Indecisive Decorating Your Home


It’s hard to decorate a home — especially when you’re too indecisive. You get stuck which paint colors to get that this supposedly creative, fun project only becomes a tiring process. So even if you’re itching to switch up your accent wall, you end up having the same old, making this more frustrating than it is. Believe it or not, it’s normal. Of course, you don’t want to make a mistake and endure the sight of an ugly accent wall every morning. But this doesn’t mean abandoning yourdesign vision altogether either. Here’s what you can do to avoid indecisiveness in your decorating:

Know what your style is.

The reason people get so unsettled when designing their home is they get fixated on so many inspirations around. You look at magazines, and you envy that clean, sleek, minimalist bathroom. You scroll through Pinterest, and you want a warm, homey, rustic space. You watch a renovation reality show, and you’re in love with this eclectic-inspired room. All these complicate your decorating decision. It’s okay to admire different styles, but it’s also good to admire such just from a distance, so you can zero in on what exactly your style is. If you’re not aware of your style yet, take a look again at the stuff you like, the pieces you buy or pictures you pin on your Pinterest board. Find a common denominator. Is it a certain color? Is it a particular vibe? Is the shape of furniture and fixture? That would give you an idea of what your style is.

Narrow down your choices (and the voices).

Similar to too many inspirations, when you have too many choices in the design elements you add in the space, you’re bound to get stuck. So, right at the beginning, narrow down your options. For instance, if you want nice tiles for your flooring, take only two to three types of materials to consider, say, the most popular: marble, slate, and granite. Avoid the urge of seeing all that’s out there in the market. You’ll end up weighing lots of pros and cons that will just clutter your mind and make it difficult to decide later. In the same manner, you’re limiting choices, do so as well in voices — people’s opinions. For sure, when your mom or aunt knows you’re updating your floors, they’d have so many recommendations, but try to filter them out. Consult it with experts from tile companies. Ottawa design specialists will offer you unbiased opinions that would do nothing but help beautify your home.

living room with fireplace

Let go of perfection.

Sometimes, indecisiveness sometimes comes from the fact that homeowners don’t want anything short of perfection. But here’s the thing, you can never really achieve the ‘perfect’ space, where everything in your design vision is met. Because sometimes what’s in your head doesn’t exist in furniture stores. Or sometimes, there’s just not enough budget to pull off that envisioned space. So, you have to make compromises. Instead of achieving ‘perfect’, you make peace with ‘okay-for-now.’ And believe it or not, it will still be beautiful. So, let go of perfection and embrace the risk of making do with what you have.

Bust Out of Indecisiveness

Are you stuck deciding which colors to put on your accent wall? Which furniture to add in your living room? Quit on the frustration of indecisiveness by applying these tips. All the best on your decorating!

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