Want Your Child and Puppy to Grow Old Together?


You see it in movies, children and dogs growing old together. Some of them end in the passing of the beloved pet, while others show how new families form for both the person and the pet. Perhaps you hope your child will be lucky enough to have a lifelong loyal companion with them in the form of your own dog’s newborn pup.

However, it takes more than timing to make sure your child and the puppy get along. You also need to do the following:

Train the Puppy

Puppies turn to their mother for support and guidance while growing up. During this time, the pup learns how everything works in the dog world. You may notice them biting their siblings or playing aggressively with other dogs. This is part of them learning how to assert themselves, and it’s considered normal. No matter how loyal your dog is to you, they would not know how to teach their puppies how to be loyal by default. This is something they learn over time. If you want your baby to be safe around your puppy, perhaps it’s time to take them to puppy school in Utah. Here, they learn obedience and know how to manage aggression.

Be Updated with Shots and Vaccines

Your baby still has a weak immune system, which means they may be prone to sicknesses, some of which may be life-threatening for newborns. Remember when to take them to their doctor for vaccinations, and try not to skip any. These set your child up for a life that’s less prone to dangerous illnesses. The same goes for your puppy. They will need shots to keep parasites at bay and to avoid contracting harmful diseases. Know that some diseases that affect dogs may be transferable to humans and if your dog is a host, you may be endangering your baby by exposing them to your pet.

Establish Dominance

Aggressive dog attacking a personThere are tell-tale signs that say your dog does not acknowledge you as the dominant figure in the house. When they think they are dominant, they will do anything they want, including gnawing at furniture or barking loudly when you reprimand them. If they have not been taught to socialize properly, they might consider guests to be a threat. This is not the kind of setup you want in the house. Follow ways to establish your dominance, so your pet will know to obey you, especially when you are holding the baby.

Watch for Signs of Allergies

You don’t want to endanger your baby for the sake of a hopeful dream. Unfortunately, not all babies can be surrounded by dogs safely. You may be heartbroken when you notice signs of allergies on your baby whenever your dog is near, but this is not something you should ignore. Don’t crush your dreams just yet, as your baby may still outgrow the allergies. This is something your pediatrician will have knowledge of, so consult them as soon as possible.

It sure would be nice to have your baby and your dog getting along and growing up together. Do this in a way that doesn’t endanger your child, to avoid painful regrets.

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