The Essence of Sending Out Handwritten Letters


Written letters seem to be a thing of the past. Because of modern technology, we have learned to send short text messages and daily chat conversations in just a few taps and clicks. People know how to send emails and use social media accounts. These platforms make it easier for us to connect to our loved ones, no matter where they are. Unfortunately, because of this, people slowly stopped creating handwritten letters. Who would go through the trouble of writing long, heartfelt messages on a piece of paper? You can send a heart emoji or an “I Miss You” GIF on Facebook whenever you want.

Technology has given us a lot of benefits. It made our lives more convenient, especially when it comes to communicating with other people. However, we shouldn’t forget about the importance of real connections. Handwritten letters may be insignificant in today’s world, but to some people, it can mean a lot to them. Here are some other reasons why you should continue sending out handwritten letters:

  • People love receiving personalized items—Anyone will love the idea that someone spends time to make something just for them. Handwritten letters can be customized in so many ways. The recipient will like it especially if you create it
  • It’s a great way to show effort— You can use a special pen to do a bit of calligraphy on the letter. You can use adhesive strips or design it with custom stamps to create a beautiful card for your best friend’s birthday. Creating a letter requires you to think of the right sentences to use. It also needs you to bring out your creative skills when designing the card or envelope. Anyone will be grateful to receive something that they know involved a lot of effort from the sender.

guy writing a letter

  • It helps pour your heart out—Sending a quick text is quite easy. Sometimes, you don’t even need to think about your next sentence. In writing a letter, however, you need to pause now and then. You have to think about the next word to write on the paper. Doing this helps you reveal what you truly feel and lets you say what you want the other person to know after reading your letter.
  • It creates an element of surprise and anticipation—Unlike emails or chat messages, a handwritten letter conceals its contents at first. It’s usually placed in an envelope, and the paper found inside is folded in two or more parts. As a result, the recipient will be excited to open the letter and see what you’ve written for them. Also, if you will send the letter via mailbox, it will surprise people because receiving letters using this process is not that popular nowadays.

If you feel like you love to send a handmade and handwritten letter, you should consider doing it. Don’t hesitate just because there are easier ways to send a letter. Through handwritten ones, you will have the chance to let people know about what you feel. The fact that you wrote the contents of the letter makes it more special. If you haven’t tried giving out personalized letters yet, this might be the right time to start with it. You can send them to people celebrating their birthdays and other important occasions. You can also give them out during random moments to remind certain people that you are thinking about them.

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