Steal Clients Like a Pro: How to Convince Your Competitor’s Customers to Switch Over to Your Side


Business is all about the survival of the fittest. When you are competing with several similar ventures for a slice of the market, you have no choice but to continue growing and expanding. Otherwise, you might find yourself at the bottom of the barrel, with decreasing profits and losing clients.

To be on top, your business will need to outdo your competitors and steal their customers. It is not unethical. It has been done for thousands of years.

In an increasingly saturated market, sometimes, businesses have no option except to capitalize on the shortcomings of a competing venture and offer a better experience to customers.

So, to gain new customers and increase your market share, here are effective strategies that you can integrate into your marketing efforts.

What Can You Do Differently?

There is really no better way to steal customers from competitors than offering something that others within the industry lack. Identify how your business can stand out in the market.

Hiring industrial marketing consultants may help with this task. Consultants are experts within the industry; they have had success with similar ventures before and now, they are using their experience to guide businesses toward the path of success.

Consultants are outsiders; they only swoop in when needed. They can provide a different perspective.

In this case, consultants can determine which aspect of the business to highlight in marketing campaigns. They would know how to properly advertise differences to capture the attention of your target audience.

It would not be enough to claim that you provide good customer service or the best quality products. You would need to mention specific traits that consumers can recognize.

Start Taking Gossips Seriously

As they say, when there is smoke, there is fire.

Listening to gossip is how you can find consumers who may be unhappy with your competitor’s offerings. It is how you would learn the strengths and witnesses of your competitors.

Of course, not everything on the rumor mill is true. Often, information that is being passed around is either inaccurate or fake. However, you cannot act only when an official announcement is made. No company will willingly admit that their customers are unhappy.

Always keep an ear on the ground so that, when a potential client starts shopping around for a new business to partner with, you will be the first in line to make your pitch.

Publish Content

When a consumer needs something, the first thing they do is go on Google. Search can send new potential clients your way, but it would not be as effective if there is little to no content on the web associated with your business.

In the age of the internet, pumping content is the most important strategy for a business to grow its customer base. It is how consumers, who are searching online, find you.

Every time a potential client searches for a relevant keyword, your business’s name has to be present. That is why consistently content, either in the form of a blog or video, is essential.

Content will also place your business on top of the results of every major search engine, boosting visibility and increasing the number of potential customers.

Your Ad Right Beside a Competitor’s Ad


Place your ad exactly where your competitors’ customers are looking. If they are looking at your competitor’s ad, then that is where your business should be, too.

This is something that some of the biggest rivals in the business arena are doing. If you are, for example, looking at an Apple product, you can expect a Samsung ad to crop up somewhere.

It is very competitive, and it is very effective.

Use Social Media for Leads

Companies do not always safeguard their client list on social media. If you check their profiles, you will see all the potential customers you can poach.

Make your way into their connections on social media to get a rundown of clients you can target.

Being on social media allows businesses, too, to monitor their competitors’ activities. You can get updated whenever your competitor gains a connection or loses one.

Competition in business is healthy. It pushes businesses to constantly innovate and improve their services. Part of the fun is to steal each other’s customers and gain a larger portion of the market.

By knowing your strengths, your competitors’ weaknesses, which customers to target, and where to place your advertisement, your business can win over new clients and grow continuously, even if the market is crowded with similar ventures.

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