Staying Cool During the Blistering Heat of Summer


Summertime is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the year, but it has its own dangers, too. With so many factors coming into play such as global warming, pollution, and deforestation, the heat can really get to you. How can you deal with this kind of heat? Here are some ways you can do it, depending on your budget.

Cool Down the House

There are many ways to beat the sun right in your own home. One of the easiest ways is to create plenty of insulation in the places where the sun strikes the hottest, especially during the afternoon. Large, thick blinds over the biggest windows and sliding doors are great for keeping the sun out. You can also go for long-term maintenance and pay for an AC tune-up in Draper with your trusted technicians.


If you are on a tight budget or if you want to go for the alternative route, try improvising your current cooling system. One of the cheapest solutions is to put a block of ice right in front of your electric fan. If you do not have access to giant blocks of ice, then a plastic soda bottle with ice cubes can be stuck to the frame of the fan to have the same desired effect. You can also frequently water your garden or the walls and floors outside your rooms for a quick solution.

Travel to Cooler Places

Now, traveling does not mean going to Antarctica or some frigid country to escape the American summer. You can enjoy cooling down just by going to nearby malls, public pools, public parks, and forests to get away from all the heat. If you have a tight budget, the mall has many places where you can enjoy the cold for just a few dollars, such as the food plaza. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, go watch a movie and stay cool for a few hours. You don’t need to stay in the cold for the entire day, just during the hours when the sun is blazing.

Fix Your Diet

green juices in jar mugs

Food and diet play a big part in keeping cool and even getting hot. Obviously, spicy and hot food can make your entire day sweaty and uncomfortable during summer, so you might have to tone it down a bit with the hot sauce. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that have high water content, such as watermelons, tomatoes, cabbage, and bell peppers. As for what you drink, try not to get used to too much ice since it can negatively affect your digestive system. Instead, drink plenty of cool water in the afternoon because it helps normalize your body temperature.

This heat can be dangerous if you’re not ready for it. Instead of worrying and only making changes when it has already come, why not prepare for summer before it starts? Make your homes and heads cooler this season with simple and easy fixes for everyday comfort.

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