Rewarding Projects that Can Make Your Quarantine Better


Quarantine has been going on for a while now throughout the world. Strict lockdowns are being put into place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Though it’s an important thing to comply with, it’s natural to feel restless about all the time spent indoors. You may feel like you don’t know what to do with all this time on your hands, and it’s tempting to fall into a doldrum.

First, it’s important to remember that it’s alright to feel tired with all the stress going on during this time. You shouldn’t be pressured to fill up the time, but it could do wonders for your mental wellbeing if you find projects to do. Not only are they productive, but the result can also feel very rewarding. Here are some things you can try during your time at home.

Try building simple furniture out of plywood.

If you don’t have scraps lying around, it’s not hard to find plywood suppliers that can deliver to you. It may sound intimidating when you hear “build your furniture,” but this project can be quite simple. Even a beginner can do this in a few days, and you’ll only need glue, a rubber mallet, and some plywood to make a chair designed like those fancy Eames ones. Of course, you’ll have to cut this out yourself, but if you don’t have the materials to do that, you can go to a quick center to have them cut out if you already have the materials.

There’s a guide to accomplish that specific look. Still, if you want to get everything done without having to leave the house at all, you can also follow your design with some other online tutorials to build yourself a sturdy little chair that you can be proud of.

Start a mini planter garden.

What’s more rewarding than seeing life grow? If you make a small garden, you can see the fruits of your labor over time. You can adjust accordingly, depending on the size of the space you have to spare. You can get some planters so you can sustainably grow your vegetables and herbs. They are quite a sight to see, and you can use them practically by getting seeds for ingredients you use regularly.

Even if you’re in an apartment, you aren’t limited since you can still use a balcony or a sill as long as there is enough sunlight. You can even incorporate some artificial lights as added support if you feel like your little garden isn’t able to soak up enough sun in its spot.

Create a fire pit.

fire pit

If you have outdoor space, try making your own fire pit. It’s a great addition to your exterior area for having a little cookout or just a nice nook to hang out around during cool nights. You can use wood for the fire, so you don’t need to run a gas or electric line to the outside, and you can build the structure yourself using whatever materials you see fit. The budget and time it takes will depend on what you choose. But whether you go for a simple steel pit or an intricate stone one, it can be a very satisfying end product that you can use for years to come.

Make your soap.

Another practical thing that you can create and have some fun with is making your own soap. The scent and look depends on what specifics you are looking for, plus it’s a great way to transition to more sustainable elements as opposed to traditional soap that can be toxic and contributes to waste. You’ll find that organic soap does the job very efficiently without all those harmful chemicals and problematic packaging materials.

The process itself is quite simple once you’ve got all the materials you need. You simply need a pan or molding container, a bowl-like Pyrex to withstand melting the components, parchment paper, and whatever herbs, essential oils, and base you want in your soap. For the base, you can go for Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, aloe vera, and glycerin.

Go through a cookbook.

Another project that you can do one-a-day is picking a cookbook and opting to go through each recipe. It’s a great way to build up your cooking skills and expand your palate. Who doesn’t like trying out different dishes? It’s satisfying and can be a yummy, healthier alternative to takeout, depending on the cookbook you decide to follow. Alternatively, you can also make a list of dishes you’ve always wanted to try and then search for some easy-to-follow recipes online. If it’s too hard as a daily thing, you can just make it a weekly project.

Whether you do all of these or pick one to accomplish, it can be a very fulfilling endeavor to spend your quarantine on.

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