Real Talk: Should You Ditch, Keep, or Add a Twist to Wedding Traditions?


In such an age-old ceremony like a wedding, traditions are, of course, a big part of it. But traditions are just that, traditions, which means you’re free to follow them or not. Yes, your in-laws will say something. Yes, there are superstitions about white dresses and seeing each other before the wedding. But at the end of the day, this is ~your~ day. You can decide whatever you want about these wedding traditions, whether to keep, ditch, or add a twist. Here are some suggestions on what to do with these popular customs:

Tradition #1: Brides should wear white.

What to do: Add a twist!

White is a reminder of purity and virtue; that’s why women have long been choosing white gowns at weddings. It’s worth keeping this custom for its positive symbolism, but it’s also helpful to add some twist to it. So when it comes to this tradition, the best approach is to spruce it up. Consider getting the trendy ombre dresses, the white color covering the bigger chunk of the gown, and then some streaks of colors (or even patterns) on the fringes. If you don’t have an idea yet which hues to blend with the neutral, perhaps you can consider the season of your wedding. For spring, greens offer a nice complementary touch. For summer, yellows are the best additions. Oranges are perfect for autumn, while blues in winter. Of course, you can also get cues from the color schemes of the ceremony itself. Perhaps choose a shade lighter or darker than your dominant color so you won’t blend in too neatly.

Tradition #2: Match your wedding bands.

What to do: Keep!

This custom symbolizes that you and your spouse have indeed become one. Despite having different tastes, you are similar in your commitment to eternal, infinite love and devotion for each other, represented by the ring. This tradition is worth keeping. So as early as now, prioritize ring shopping in your wedding planning. Your first step is to draw up a budget. How much are you willing to spend on the rings? Allocating 2% of the budget to jewelry is already a good number. The next step is to narrow down your design choices. Do you want diamonds or gemstones? Do you prefer platinum or gold? Look at different styles online and agree from there. With a budget and specific style in mind, that’s when you hit the shops. If you have a particular design you want to see, go for custom wedding rings Salt Lake City jewelers offer.

Tradition #3: Never see each other before the wedding.

Wedding photographer in action, taking a picture of the bride and groom

What to do: Ditch!

They say that it’s bad luck for partners to see each other before the ceremony. And if you trace the origins of this tradition, you’ll realize that it doesn’t come from a perfect story. Before, when fixed marriages were the norm, unions are like business transactions. The father of the bride doesn’t want the groom to see his daughter, because the latter might find her unattractive and thus call off the wedding (and the business deal, in essence). That’s most likely the reason people call it bad luck. So it’s rather nice to break off from such tradition. Besides, it will give you that much-needed boost in confidence when you see your partner before you start this whole thing. For some couples, they even dedicate an hour or two before the event to meet for documentation purposes. They use that time to snap pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen before all the flurry of the activity happens.

Wedding Traditions

Again, wedding customs are just customs. This is your ceremony, so do whatever you think is right for you as a couple. Best wishes!

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