Protect Your Child at Home with These Easy Tips


If you think home is the safest place for your kids, think again. According to the World Health Organization, many cases of child injuries happen at home. These cases include burns, drowning, and slip and fall.

While it’s true that many accidents involving children happen at home, there are certain ways to reduce these risks. Here are some tips to keep your child safe in your premises:

On the Kitchen

  • Secure cabinets with latches

Keep your kids from opening cabinets and drawers that contain chemical products. Installing latches will do the trick. You can get these from companies that offer architectural ironmongery products in London.

  • Keep the kitchen gated

The kitchen poses the most threats than any other part of the house. Install a gate to make it off-limits for your child. In addition, keep the top and bottom of the stairs gated as well to prevent fall injuries.

  • Use stove guards

This prevents your child from reaching the burner. You can either use a plastic or metal shield. You may remove the stove knobs as well when you’re not cooking.

On the Living Room

  • Place edge guards on tables

Sharp table edges can badly cut your kid’s eyes or forehead if he trips and falls. Use corner and edge guards to prevent such injuries.

  • Mount furniture and appliances

Cabinets, TVs, and computers can tip over and fall on your child. Secure them with industry-grade Velcro straps, brackets, and anchors.

  • Watch out for choking hazards

Crayons, dimes, and batteries are potential causes of choking among kids. Keep the room free of these choking hazards.

On the Bedroom

  • Install window guards
  • Watch out for looped cords

A looped cord can accidentally strangle your kid. Make sure your window blinds, shades, and draperies are cordless.

  • Cover electrical outlets

Use outlet protectors or safety cap when electrical outlets are not in use. This prevents your child from inserting objects inside the outlets.

On the Bathroom

safety gate

  • Install a toilet latch

Your child can easily tip over the toilet and drown. Always close the toilet lid and secure it with a toilet latch.

  • Wipe up puddles

A wet floor can cause slip and fall at home. Toddlers are more likely to hit their head and face because they are too young to use their arms. Be sure to wipe puddles up to prevent this.

  • Unplug hair dryers

Don’t leave hair dryers plugged or it can cause burns to your kid. This can also electrocute him or her.

  • Cover tub faucets

This prevents your child from opening the faucet and filling the tub, which can make him drown.

  • Install GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) shut the electricity when appliances fall into the water. Make sure you have them for outlets near a water source.

  • Keep doors from fully closing

Slamming doors can crush your child’s fingers. Prevent doors from slamming with a door-stopper. You can also drape a towel over the top.

With the tips above, you can reduce the risk of serious injuries at home. But above all else, you still need to keep an eye on your child all the time. That’s the best way to keep your child safe at home.

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