Paying a visit to your dental team


For many, the demands of everyday life can cause a scheduled dental appointment to slip down the priority ladder. Despite finding it hard to stay on top of work, social, and family commitments whilst attempting to juggle your oral health, visiting your local dentist Sydney CBD for a routine appointment is something to be prioritised. Despite this importance, many patients’ may be unsure of what to expect from a visit to their local surgery.

What to expect from a bi-annual check-up at your local dental surgery

Many patients’ may believe that brushing for a duration of two minutes twice daily is enough to keep their mouth and teeth healthy, however, this is often not the case. Organising an appointment at your local surgery could help to identify any potential concerns with your dental health, whilst checking each individual tooth for signs of decay which may need to be treated. Furthermore, patients’ can expect to be asked a range of questions regarding their brushing habits (many dental professionals may wish to know if you’re using a manual or electric toothbrush for example) in addition to any changes made to medication since your last visit, and your diet.

So.. What happens next?

After performing a thorough oral exam, your dental team may suggest a ‘scale and polish’ during your visit. This treatment is quick and hassle-free and provides patients with a cleaner smile within just a few short minutes.

What is a scale and polish?

A ‘scale and polish’ is a common treatment in the world of routine dentistry and is often delivered within a dental check-up, or even during a visit to your local hygienist. During this  procedure, your dental team will use a combination of interdental brushes, paired with a special dental abrasive, which works to remove any built up plaque or tartar on the surface of the teeth.

anxious woman

Feeling anxious about your dental check-up?

It is often assumed that children or teenagers are the only patients to experience dental nerves or ‘dental anxiety’, however this is far from the truth. Feeling anxious within a dental environment is extremely common and nothing to be ashamed of, and is something dental teams are extremely familiar with.

What can your dental practitioner do to help?

If you’re thinking about rescheduling, postponing, or even altogether cancelling your dental-check-up for fear of dental anxiety, then why not get in touch with your local surgery? Dental healthcare professionals typically boast a wealth of experience working with anxious or nervous patients’ and can serve as a form of comfort for anyone feeling concerned prior to a surgery visit. If you are feeling anxious before visiting your local clinic, then it may be worth getting in contact with your dental surgery.

So.. What’s the solution?

Dental anxiety is extremely common, which means surgeries worldwide are attempting to learn more about what triggers these nerves, and the best way to deal with an anxious patient. For many, voicing their queries or concerns before visiting their clinic can be the difference between a good or bad visit.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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