Party Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Surely Appreciate


Handing out some party favours when all the fun is done can be a nice gesture. After all, your guests took time out of their busy schedules to spend a day with you and have fun at your party. But, choosing the perfect favours can be difficult. You want pieces that are not too expensive but also not too cheap that your guests will only end up throwing them to the trash.

You've spent a lot of time planning your party — from prepping and cooking all the food to ordering custom-made cakes online for that extra touch —, so you'd want those efforts to reflect on your chosen goodie bags as well. To make sure your guests will be truly thankful for your party bags, here are some fun ideas:

It's all about that personal touch

As goodie bags become a staple in every party list, the more expensive they become. If your party has that fancy vibe, guests will probably expect equally fancy party favour at the end.

If you want to save money, going down the DIY route is a good option. But this can get tricky. If you choose to make things on your own, it can take a lot of time. So before you commit to making DIY party favours, start with a few samples and see if you can make 50, maybe 100 more of those in time for your party.

What kind of DIY party favours should you make? Dig deep into your passion and skills. Are you into arts and crafts? Do you have hobbies that you can turn into party pieces? Photography, perhaps? It can be the perfect creative outlet for you. Your guests will appreciate the time you spent making those pieces.

Food will always, ALWAYS be good

Here's the great thing about food: everyone needs it; everyone wants it. As long as it's delicious, your guests will not throw them away immediately. It will get eaten, one way or another.

Do you enjoy baking? Make some homemade cookies and put them in cute mason jars. Mix some candies with them for some variety. Not into baking? Don't hesitate to get some store-bought pieces as well. If you don't want them to look store-brought, mix them up and transfer them into separate party bags with ribbons and put a little thank you note.

Here's another idea you can try: hand some cute paper bags to your guests and place a cookie and candy bar or stall next to the exit, so they can freely fill their bags with the treats they like.

Make it a mystery

Want to make your party bags exciting? Mystery bags and boxes are becoming increasingly popular, so why don’t you try that concept with your party favours as well? Pack them in a way your guests won't have any idea what's inside until they get home. Tell them to pick a bag randomly, and if they end up with something they don't like, they can just exchange party favours with other guests. It can be a whole lot of fun.

Favours are a great way to show your guests you appreciate their time and give them something to remember your party by. But all too often, these tokens get tossed the morning after. Pour time and effort on these, and you will likely pick or create perfect favours your guests will love.

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