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Dental surgeries operate as a patient’s personal oral health team, with each member of the team performing their individual function to preserve dental health. In today’s world, where aesthetics can be the overriding motivation for a patient to request a specific procedure, the dental hygienist Richmond is on hand to guide the patient back to reality. When it comes to oral health, the primary function of our mouths must be remembered. Mouths are the gateway to the body! It’s how we feed ourselves, and we need to ensure that by maintaining a healthy mouth, we feed our bodies healthily. Regular, six monthly dental hygiene appointments are vital to guard against several dental and health conditions.

Dental hygiene, contributing to overall health!

The primary task of a dental clinician is to preserve and maintain a patient’s teeth and their main function. Teeth are designed to break down food and help the stomach to digest what it receives through the mouth. Poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and bacteria forming between the teeth and the gums. Gum disease, which can cause irritation, pain and bad breath, will be the result. Some studies have shown that stroke and heart disease could be caused by gum disease. Regular dental hygiene appointments will identify early signs of any problems that may be manifesting with teeth and gums. Stains and spots on teeth can be early signs of a number of health conditions. Poor diet, celiac disease and rickets manifest by staining and spotting our teeth.

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A sign of healthy teeth and gums

Those regular dental hygiene visits also keep your teeth looking healthy. Using a powerful water jet instrument usually removes most of the plaque and tartar. If plaque and tartar are left too long though, it may be necessary for scaling to be employed; this is when teeth have to be scraped to remove the plaque build-up, which is too difficult for the water jet to remove. Once the teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the polishing can be done, resulting in beautifully smooth and naturally bright teeth.

Education and guidance

During a dental hygiene appointment, the clinician can provide valuable guidance on the correct method to use when brushing and flossing. The correct dental equipment to use, toothbrush and toothpaste. The sooner young children are introduced to the dental hygienist Richmond the better. Establishing a proper dental hygiene routine should be started as young as possible. It does not matter whether a child still has their baby teeth because it’s also about eliminating dental phobia and allowing the dental surgery team to build a relationship with children so that they feel comfortable and familiar with the environment. Parents must encourage their children to look after their teeth. The dental surgery team is ready to play its part in maintaining teeth and gums, but parents also need to perform their roles by ensuring that their children stick to a dental routine.

One adult set of teeth per person

We have been allocated one adult set of teeth each, and it’s up to us to realise how important those teeth are to us. Those regular dental hygiene appointments are the foundation of a patient’s oral hygiene routine.

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