How Do You Know Which Invisible Braces To Go For?


There are two leading forms of invisible braces Clapham on the market right now. There are lingual braces which are the ones you really, really can’t see or clear braces which are the plastic trays that fit over the teeth and though they are much subtler than traditional braces they are far more visible than lingual. That being said both come with a list of pros and cons and there’s bound to be one type that stands out as being better for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces look the same as train tracks (fixed wired braces) only rather than them being fitted on the outside they’re fitted on the inside. This is excellent as they can offer all the benefits of wire braces but without the obvious look.


They are completely invisible, this is really where lingual stands out from the rest, other brace systems are for sure much subtler now but they are noticeable whereas these are completely visually friendly.

They use wires and so are capable of addressing complex orthodontic issues with speed.

You don’t need to worry about taking them in and out or worry about getting into the habit of taking them out too often as you can’t. Though this doesn’t seem like such a benefit for those who struggle with discipline it can be a real bonus. Patients have been known to delay their treatment times through frequent removal of other types of braces.

invisible aligners

Clear Braces

Clear braces are plastic tray braces that fit over the top of the teeth. They come in a series and through the course of your treatment, you move through the series to move your teeth into the new place. It’s a simple yet very effective way of moving teeth and one which is rapidly growing in popularity.


Cleaning is the biggest pro when it comes to clear braces, often when patients return to the dentist after having treatment for fixed braces they are showing early signs of gum disease and sometimes seven decay. This is due to the difficulty of cleaning between wires when you’re in treatment. Cleaning gets left on the back burner and neglected. As clear braces are removable you can carry on cleaning after before.

They are super comfy as they have no sharp edges that your gums and tongue can rub against. The nature of the pushing also means they’re comfier than lots of the other market leaders too.

They are very subtle, far more subtle than most braces, people would have to be having a really good look to notice you wearing them and after a few days of having them in you’ll barely notice yourself.

They are removable and so can come out for those super special occasions – best friends’ weddings etc.


This comes down to you, your dentist and your budget but whichever invisible braces Clapham you choose you’ll be on to a winner, as they’re both stellar systems.

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