Making the Move: Ways to Help Your Children Cope with Moving


It isn’t unusual for many families to face the prospect of moving at some point. It could be a highly stressful time for parents, so imagine how difficult and even traumatic it could be for children, especially since most of the time, they were not part of the decision-making process.

The idea of moving can be an extremely difficult concept for them to understand at first. Most of the time, the decision to move is out of your control. It could be due to some financial issues or a sudden job transfer.

Although it might not always be the ideal situation, try to have a positive approach toward it, especially in front of your children. They would most certainly depend on you for reassurance, and you wouldn’t want to increase their burden.

As children rely heavily on routines and familiarity, they would need some time to process the entire transition. So, before you start discussing things with your movers in Aelaide, here are some ideas you should consider to make everything a lot less stressful:

1. Inform your children early about the move.

Don’t just drop the bomb on them. They are going to need a lot of time to get used to the idea, so better start the talk as early as you can.

Their immediate reaction may be a mixture of fear and confusion, so try to provide as much information as possible and allow them to ask questions. Look them in the eye be honest and prepared for whatever reaction they may have.

2. Let your children ask you questions.

Be sure to let your children feel that they can ask you anything. Be prepared to answer questions about their new school, if they could take their pets with you, how they’ll stay in touch with their friends, and so on.

workers loading boxes in moving van

They could also ask you questions about how they can make new friends or what their new bedroom is going to look like. Prepare to be showered with plenty of questions and be as truthful as possible.

You could even tell them to write down a list of things they’re curious about regarding your new place. Set a family meeting if you have time. This will help your children relax and feel confident about the transition.

3. Create a fun visual countdown.

Moving doesn’t always have to be a sad event. You can turn it into a fun bonding activity by making countdown paper chains or a personalized calendar. Your children can refer to these and see how many days were left before you leave your current home.

Put parts that they can rip off as the days pass by, as this will sort of give them a bit of control about the timing. You can also suggest making a scrapbook of all the fun memories you’ve had in your soon-to-be-old home.

Your children could ask their friends and teachers for some simple notes and messages that they can stick on their scrapbook for memories. Tell them that with technology, they can still stay in touch with everyone.

Moving to a new home with kids presents a number of challenges for parents. But, you can also expect a lot of positive things from this change. Your family will grow closer and will be able to overcome everything together.

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