Magnifying the Effects of Your Speech


A speech can ignite motivation inside a group of people that hear it. The message will come across, and those in the audience will feel it. The best public speakers have experience and knowhow to deliver their speeches and have an immediate impact.

If you want to use the power of speeches, there are a few things you need to know, here are some of the techniques the experts implement.

The Right Venue

The ideal corporate event venues in New York City provide top quality acoustics for public speaking. This factor plays an important role because without it, speakers will be unable to reach everyone in the audience. The people sitting at the back may not hear the entire speech, or it will be barely audible.

This will negatively affect the impact of your message. Have your team check the acoustics of a venue and the sound equipment available. These little details add to the bigger puzzle of a speaking event. If any of these are lacking, find ways to improve it such as bringing your own system.

The Ideal Setup

The venue where the speaking event will take place matters, but it is only the beginning. The setup and layout also have an effect on the acoustics and impact of the message. The height of the stage will make a speaker look larger than life or allows him or her to reach an audience even at the back of the room.

The seating arrangement also affects the overall impact. Do you want the audience to be as close to each other or you as possible? Do you want an intimate setting wherein you can directly walk into the crowd and engage them?

These relevant questions allow you to customize the setting of the venue for maximum impact. Music also plays a role; the instrumentals or songs will set the mood for the event.

Body Language

company speech

How a speaker acts on stage is just as important as what he or she says. The non-verbal cues have an effect on an audience.

The hand gestures, facial expressions, the posture and the way a person walks are all factors one needs to consider. If you plan to do public speaking, it helps to practice in front of a mirror or a small group of friends.

The Proper Tone

A monotonous speech is a forgettable one; intonation and emotion have an immediate impact on an audience that listens to you. The rise and fall of your voice, the emphasis on certain paragraphs and the dramatic pauses all contribute to the impact you’ll make on people listening. Identify which parts of your talk require changes in tone to engage and make a lasting impression.

Tell a Story

The simple telling of facts and figures will bore people instantly. Create a narrative that weaves the personal and the factual, doing so fascinates your audience and makes an immediate connection with them. You can start by talking about yourself or fictional characters that are relatable.

These are some of the factors you can control and that enable you to make an impact on your audience. Implement these and get the results you are looking for.

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