Living a Lifestyle that Leads to Success


There’s a certain degree of envy when we look at successful people. We might want their level of success, their financial achievements, or even their influence and popularity. And that’s perfectly normal. We all want to attain something more than what we have right now, and that’s just human nature.

But underneath the glamour of success lies hard work and a set of qualities that we should all strive to imitate. Let’s take a look at some virtues and philosophies that helped successful people become successful.

Prioritize Yourself More

We don’t mean that you should be conceited and selfish. It’s not about being narcissistic and self-absorbed. Prioritizing yourself means living on your own terms and not putting other people’s needs before you. While this might sound negative, think about it: as long as you’re not stepping on others, you should go for what’s best for you or your vision.

Tech magnates like Steve Jobs or Gabe Newell definitely didn’t listen to what their detractors had to say about their plans, and that’s what prioritizing yourself means. It’s doing what you think is the best, of course, with the understanding that your actions can cause effects on other people. Don’t obsess with how others view you. Instead, be true to your visions and values.

Chase a Worthwhile Goal

What is worthwhile and what isn’t is entirely up to you, which makes the difference. Chasing a goal that isn’t yours can leave you physically and mentally fatigued. Finding out what your goal in life isn’t a particularly easy feat to achieve, and that’s completely understandable. It takes time, but don’t be too fastidious about what you want. Often, what we enjoy or what we like is good enough to make a goal out of it.

From simple desire like wanting to see more flowers in your area (and working hard to plant more of it) to something substantial like establishing a business of your own, a goal is something that brings fulfillment and joy to our heart- and that’s the worthwhile goal you should be chasing.

Be Motivated, Intrinsically and Extrinsically

Having a goal is one thing, but being motivated to achieve that goal is entirely different. Remember to focus on intrinsic motivation- things that will help keep you going. While extrinsic motivators are great as they can help you measure your progress, intrinsic motivation offers far more long-term validation. Intrinsic motivations are internal things, like testing yourself to see your limits or finding satisfaction in how something can be achieved.

Of course, extrinsic motivation is also essential. It can be anything from saving enough money for your dream wedding in a barn or beach or being able to buy the car you’ve longed for. Regardless, it’s important to set your motivations close to your heart as they will be the fuel to your success.

Be a Minimalist

A minimalist is someone happy with not having the latest and most expensive devices or doesn’t pay much attention to what’s “hip” or “trending.” It’s about knowing what you need and going for it. In our world today, we’re told to get this or get that to be happy. But do we really need all these things? Think of modern software user interfaces. There’s less clutter. Most are direct to the point and highly functional.

Approaching your life with such a level of consciousness will help you weed out the unnecessary and focus on benefits. Don’t be too obsessed about downsizing or reducing. Remember that minimalism hinges on what you need and not on how much you have.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

When Simon Biles pulled out of the Olympic competition, it was met with a mixture of admiration and negativity. However, the truth is that she did what’s best for her at the moment. Her sport, gymnastics, requires intense levels of focus, not just to succeed but also to execute the techniques safely. Prioritizing your mental health is often paramount to also maintaining your physical health.

And with that, make sure to take care of both. Start eating healthy and exercising consistently. You’ll find that by doing all the right things, your mental state will also follow. And you’ll discover that you’re empowered to reach your goals.

Success is highly relative. Everyone has a different opinion of what success is like, and perhaps that’s for the better.


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