Innovative Non-Invasive Beauty Treatments


We’ve come a long way in general. Technology has brought us better ways of doing almost everything under the sun, and this includes skincare, self-care, and other wellness treatments. The mentality of “if it’s stinging, it’s working” just doesn’t fly anymore.

This is true now that we have all the technology for us to be as gentle as possible for us to treat ourselves and get that glow without having to endure the pain. Here are some treatments that are the bleeding edge of wellness without the literal bleeding, of course!

For everyday skincare routines and regular facials


Gone are the days where we had to use gloopy face products and thick sunscreens that make us look paler than a sheet of paper. We have moisturizers and sunscreens that come in all kinds of consistencies that help with addressing different skin types.

These include cream-based for dry skin and water- or gel-based for combination and oily skin, as well as different skin concerns like water-based products and emollients for dehydrated skin. In this day and age, we no longer tolerate overly stripping, acidic, or alkaline facials and facial cleansers that do serious damage to your skin in the long run.

We have cleansers gentle enough not to damage the pH of the skin and strip it of the healthy oils. We have access to chemical exfoliants that don’t cause microtears in your skin, unlike physical exfoliants, and don’t cause any pain when in use, either!

For body shaping treatments

Body shaping has been attributed to invasive, surgical procedures like liposuction and implants, but we all know this really isn’t for everyone. They’re costly, risky, and not for people that aren’t going to be willing to go through literal surgery just for a better shape.

If you’re the type of person to not like pain at all, there are non-invasive body shaping procedures available in Salt Lake City, UT like CoolSculpting that makes the body you want so much easier to obtain.

For hair removal

A hair removal trend that’s taken the world by storm is sugaring which is perfect for people who don’t want to invest in laser hair removal but aren’t willing to use regular wax. Sugar wax, used for sugaring, can be cooling and is often used in room temperature which gets rid of the scalding heat and pain that comes with using hot wax.

For anti-aging procedures

When we think about anti-aging procedures, the first thing that comes to mind is always Botox or whatever other procedure involving a heap of needles and days’ worth of downtimes. However, now we have treatments available from clinicians that involve laser and radiofrequency.

These help with lifting and firming the skin as well as addressing concerns like fine lines, smile lines, and wrinkles. The chemical exfoliants we have now as well are gentle enough to be used for more mature skin, making it more accessible for people that might have developed some sensitivity.

In conclusion, we must stay updated on what’s going on in the skincare world if we want to take better care of our skin. Advancements in wellness procedures are there to help you achieve the skin and physique you want in the most sustainable way possible.

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